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Wilhelm Aurnhammer

My father, Wilhelm Aurnhammer (1907 - 1984), began as an expressionist artist in München working in oils, water colour, ink, chalk and also made etchings and woodcuts. He was part of a circle of young artists who were denied the right to exhibit by the Nazis. After the war he became a dedicated art teacher. He was inspired by the landscape of southern France and created hundreds of sketches of rocks and trees. The works on permanent loan at Alexandra House (in Tempera, Water colour, Pen and Ink, Collages) are representative of his later geometric style. Here are a few examples.

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Short Biography

1928-33 University of Muenchen Technische Hochschule München, Akademie der Bildenden Künste,
1929-33 Annual Exhibitions Kunstverein Ludwigshafen/Rhein
1932 Exhibition Galerie Günther Franke, München
1934 Teaching Assistant
1935-41 Elementary School Teacher
1941-45 Served as Medical Orderly
1947 – 1970 Art Teacher at Altsprachl. Gymnasium Kaiserslautern
1967 – 1982 Annual Exhibitions at Pfalzgalerie and other venues

Reminiscences. Every summer my father travelled with his scooter and camping gear to the South of France, always returning with hundreds of sketches and drawings. He made many studies of rocks and trees, trying to capture the passing of time in nature. During the rest of the year he worked on larger scale paintings and collages. With advancing age he still experimented with new techniques, and his works became ever more abstract. He was active in the association of local artists and took part in annual exhibitions. However, he did not seek the limelight. A number of his paintings have been acquired by local galleries.