2013 Topics, Providers & Attendance

Thursday January 10, 2013: "Remember Erector Sets?'" - Maybe It's time to talk about Erectile Dysfunction

[by David Gentile MD] [w/ Reps. Dave Clawson & Wendel Yerden]

[21 persons attended]

Wednesday February 13, 2013 : "Love Life & Live It Well" - Nutritionally Speaking

[by Michael Vorozilchak DC] [due to Valentine's Day, this mtg is not the 2nd Thurs.]

[19 persons attended]

Thursday March 14, 2013: "Hormone Therapy - what/when/why or why not"- Part 1 of 2

[by Ralph Madeb MD w/ Administrator 'Ashley']

[21 persons attended]

Thursday April 11, 2013: "So, is daVinci really a robot? That's a lot of nerve."

- The real scoop on robotic prostate surgery and nerve sparing procedures

[by Louis Eichel MD]

[28 persons attended]

Thursday May 9, 2013: "Keeping it Real."

- How to move forward with metastatic cancer and oncological care

[by Chunkit Fung MD] Click HERE for Dr. Fung's presentation

[20 persons attended]

Thursday June 13, 2013: "Chapter Business Meeting"

- a review of where we've been, and discussion of where to go from here

[by Patrick Fisher, Chapter Leader]

[10 persons atttended and indicated willingness to help this Chapter succeed. All contributed.]

Thursday July 11, 2013: "Navigating Wellness After Robotic Surgery"

[by Jean Joseph MD]

[ 25 persons attended]

Thursday August 8: "Castration Resistant Prostate Cancer, Part 2/2"

[by Ralph Madeb, MD]

[ 21 persons attended]

Saturday September 7: "Mens Health Fair & Blue Glove Dance for Prostate Cancer"

[by Local health agencies & Us TOO Rochester NY]

[ 300+ persons attended]

[Video created. Click HERE]

Thursday September 12: "Brachytherapy & Cryotherapy"

[by Ralph M. Brasacchio, MD]

[ 17 persons attended]

Thursday October 10, 2013: "Prostate Cancer, Urinary Continence & the Pelvic Floor Muscle"

[by Wendy Featherstone PT]

[21 person attended]

Thursday November 7, 2013: "Group Peer-Support Meeting"

[by Us TOO Rochester NY & the 'former' ACS Man-to-Man groups of Rochester & Canandaigua ]

[11 persons attended]

Thursday November 14, 2013: "The Psychology of Wellness"

- How a diagnosis can affect your life & what you can do about it

[by Charles Kamen, PhD]

[12 persons attended]

Thursday Dec 12, 2013: Three Topics - All About Treatment for Prostate Cancer

TOPIC 1: "Prostate Cancer & Imaging Techniques"

- Eric Weinberg, MD, Medical Director; University Medical Imaging

TOPIC 2: "Prostate Cancer & Radiation Therapy"

- Dr. Kevin Bylund, MD - Assistant Professor - Dept. of Radiation Oncology

TOPIC 3: "Prostate Cancer & Hormonal Therapy"

- Edward Messing, MD, Chairman, URMC Urology

[22 persons attended]