Meetings & Seminars

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7 reasons to attend local meetings: [click HERE for the next meeting]


  2. Voice your concerns about prostate cancer or its side-effects among like-minded others.

  3. Learn from presentations conducted by medical providers & urologists.

  4. Receive mutual support from men and their loved ones living through similar experiences.

  5. Acknowledge care-givers, medical providers, and others who care about your well-being.

  6. Identify obstacles to our collective wellness and how to circumvent them where possible.

  7. OR... simply get out of the house, kick-back with us, and enjoy the company!


Us TOO Rochester will conduct two types of meetings in 2020:

  1. Peer Support Meetings, and

  2. Patient Education Seminars.

All meetings are free and open to the public. Spouses and significant others are always welcome and encouraged to attend. No registration is required for Peer Support meetings. However, advance registration for Patient Education Seminars is requested. Add the dates below to your 2020 calendar:


Persons recently diagnosed may benefit by hearing from others who have been there. There are no providers or presenters at peer support meetings. In an effort to reach those living in surrounding towns and rural or suburban areas the peer support meetings will be conducted at various locations across the region. Peer Support Meetings are self-directed and spouses or significant others are encouraged to attend. Advance registration is not required for Peer Support Meetings. Always check the NEXT Meeting page of this website for each month's meeting location.

Schedule of Peer Support Meetings:

The dates are always 2nd Thursday evenings of the month, and the time is always 6.30pm-8:30pm. Check the NEXT Meeting page for location.

  1. Jan 9

  2. Feb 13

  3. Apr 9

  4. May 14

  5. Jul 9

  6. Sep 10

  7. Oct 8

  8. Nov 12


Advance registration for Patient Education Seminars will be required.

  • Saturday March 25, 2020: Hosted by Rochester Regional Health, at RRH Reidman Training Center. Presented by Us TOO Rochester.

  • Saturday June 17, 2020: TBD Hosted by UR Medicine Urology, at Locust Hill Country Club. Presented by Us TOO International.

  • Saturday December 3, 2020: TBD

Seminar discussions typically include the following topics:

  1. Screening, Imaging & Diagnosis

  2. Radiation

  3. Surgery

  4. Alternative Treatment Options

  5. Hormone Therapy

  6. Risk vs. Benefit & Potential for Side Effects