United States Police Canine Association

Region 9

Welcome to USPCA Region 9!

Region 9 consists of police canine teams from Maine, New Hampshire and Canada.

The United States Police K-9 Association Inc., is a non-profit organization striving for the establishment of minimum standards for Police K-9 dogs through proper methods of training.

Properly trained Police Dogs are taught to do the following:

  1. Search buildings and areas for unauthorized persons.
  2. Track Criminals and search for lost children. etc.
  3. Search for evidence dropped by criminals in flight.
  4. Search for hidden explosives, narcotics, chemicals, illegally taken game and cadaver substance.
  5. Pursue and apprehend, with minimum force, criminals fleeing a serious crime and arrest.
  6. Apprehend on command only and in Protection of the Handler.

Police K-9 dogs, properly trained and handled, give Law Enforcement officers one of the finest non-lethal aids in the prevention and detection of crime.

The United States Police Canine Association is the largest and oldest active organization of its kind.