Full Membership to this association shall be open to any active full-time paid law enforcement officer, whether Federal, State, County or Municipal, who is a canine handler, trainer or administrator, pending approval of regional elected officers. This shall include members of the Military Police who may be canine handlers, trainers, or administrators. Any full member may continue as such in the event he or she enters military service and later returns to canine law enforcement on a full-time basis.

Membership is now managed through the National United States Police Canine Association Website.

The fee for a Region 9 Membership is $50.00/year.

If you would like to be a member of an additional region, the cost is an additional $20.00 per secondary region.

"Life" Members (those with over 30 consecutive years of membership with U.S.P.C.A.) receive a free membership!

To become a member of U.S.P.C.A Region 9, click below to be taken to the USPCA National Website.