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Exam 2 Review

-serial equivalence
-using locking to enforce serial equivalence
-strict two-phase locking
-distributed transactions
-two-phase commit

-characteristics of P2P systems
-example applications
-P2P architectures

-Taming the Torrent
-Residential Sensing 

Sample questions:

Explain why Choffnes and Bustamante use the number of AS hops between two Ono peers as a metric for evaluating their system.  Hint: consider why the number of IP hops between peers is an insufficient metric.

Discuss why Haystack is designed "to respond to photo requests in the long tail efficiently".

Consider Figure 11 of "A Measurement Study of a Large-Scale P2P IPTV System".  Explain why in some cases the upload rate shown is much higher than the download rate and in other cases the opposite is true.