About USIG at USCSOM

The applications of point of care ultrasound are growing exponentially and we have the opportunity to get ahead of the game with our Ultrasound Institute! USIG is committed to provide extra-curricular experience to all students who are passionate about ultrasound. We are really looking forward to a presentation from Dr. Michael Wagner on the Foundations of Point of Care Ultrasound- you won’t want to miss it! We are also planning on having at least two hands-on ultrasound events each semester. You can learn to do a FAST exam, ultrasound-guided procedures, echocardiograms and much more! We will be providing access to research, independent learning modules on our website as well as many ways to get involved with our leadership team.


USIG Members (Sam Scoma, Jane Lim, Jordan Ohlsson and Miles Reese) participated in a worldwide Hackathon hosted by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organizations (UNESCO), which focused on creating an open, free ultrasound educational piece to be placed in a larger collection of ultrasound education for others around the world. Their project can be seen in the link below: