2017 Nesse Get-Together

As you may have heard the North American Nesses  are planning a big Nesse get-together the first week of July 2017 in Hayward Wisconsin. Rob and Rebecca’s cottage on a large lake in Wisconsin will be the epicenter. Art's other two sons Randy and Ted are also deep into planning the event. The plan is for people to arrive on Saturday July 1, with the main festivities on July 2-4. See the schedule page for details.

Many people will stay for the whole week to take advantage of good family time. Also, there is great fishing on the lake, big muskies even, and swimming on the island, and kayaks and mountain bikes and after the 4th Ted is eager to take people up for a sail on his boat in Lake Superior, not too far away. 

At this point everyone should have reservations for a place to stay (see Who Is Coming, above).  If you're not sure of your reservation, or need help, contact Randy or Ted.  Lodging in Hayward is complimentary for our relatives who come from overseas.  Most are staying at   Johnson'sresort  and a number are staying in the motel at Deer Foot Lodge.  Ted has rented a house at Deer Run Resort.

You can see a map of the area: Resorts on Chippewa Flowage

For additional information, contact Randy or Ted Nesse.  Their emails are either randy or tnesse, both @nesse.org

Below are some pictures of the area where the Nesse Get-Together will be held in July 2017


Where is Hayward?           


Rob and Rebecca’s Vacation Home Is East of Hayward

Chippewa Flowage – A Wilderness to Explore 

Chippewa Flowage

Johnson’s Resort Dock – On Chippewa Flowage Near Rob and Rebecca’s Place

Johnsons Resort

A Cabin At Johnson’s Resort 

Cabin at Johnson's

A Cabin at Deer Run Resort 

Cabin at Deer Run

Port Superior Marina on Lake Superior – 90 Minutes North

Port Superior Marina