After school and after the Marines, Art and I rented a house in Maumee, Ohio.  It was out in the country, with raspberry bushes and a garden.  There was a nice yard.  There was a player piano, and a heater in a hole in the floor.  This is when Randy was born.  On the way to the hospital to deliver him, we stopped for ice cream.  When we got there, the doctor was agitated that we were late.  

Shortly thereafter, when Randy was 3 months old, Art's brother Gerhard became quite ill and traveled to Massachussets for surgery.  They took their son from Washington state and handed him off the train in Toledo.  This was Rolf Nesse.  Carolyn noted as she handed if off that they tried to wean him on the train -  and wished them good luck.  Rolf stayed with us for 3 months and at one time we all traveled to Elgin for Christmas.  We planned to fly but once we got to the airport we realized we left all the baby supplies in the taxi.  So we missed that flight.  The train didn't work and we could not get on the next flight.  We finally recovered everything from the taxi and took a flight the next day.  When we got there, Henry Rovelstad (my father) picked us up at the airport, driving through plowed snow banks above the roof of the car.