About Us

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Urban Schoolhouse is a bilingual (Spanish/English) nonprofit nursery school committed to personalized and inclusive education for children of all ages in a nurturing, homelike environment.

We provide:

- A healthy, nourishing, and safe environment

- A learning environment where each child develops at their own pace

- A mixed age group with low teacher-child ratio

We promote:

- A supportive and mutually respectful community for children, parent(s)/legal guardian(s), and teachers/educators through interdependent relationships and education

- The emotional growth and development of children and adults, through encouragement, compassionate communication, and conflict resolution

We value:

- Respect: Self-respect, respect for others, inclusion, honesty, integrity and responsibility

- Compassion: Concern for one another, for humanity, kindness, peacefulness, understanding, acceptance, empathy and warmth

- Love of Learning: Discovery, exploration, collaboration, curiosity, and ownership

- Service: A lifelong commitment to give something back through attending to others who are in need

- Autonomy: Doing for oneself, understanding one's own capabilities

- Interdependence: Responsibility to and healthy dependence upon one another, a love of community, care and cooperation

- Diversity: Willingness to understand and remain open to multiple cultural experiences

- Friendship: A good and trusting relationship with someone is something to treasure and to nurture

- Communication: Express one's feelings and needs in appropriate ways (verbally & non-verbally), to listen mindfully to others, and develop strategies for solving problems

We believe that all children should be nurtured in a circle of kindness, partnership and respect. Urban Schoolhouse aims to contribute to its local community by becoming a role model for other childcare providers and raising annual funds for scholarships. 

Please read more about Urban Schoolhouse's COMMUNITY RESILIENCE PROGRAM

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