Beaded Chandelier

from Free People

Spring Door Decoration

by Debra from

the Bungalow

Ornamental Bead Sticks

from Mich L. in L.A

Зонтики (Umbrella) Purse

by Елена Климовских

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Yarn Swift

Cheap Like Me

Spin the material into yarn!

Madenmoiselle Chaos

Almofadas (Cushions)

Discas Verdes

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Drying Rack for Delicates

Real Simple

Parasol Light Fixture

Apartment Therapy

Mini Christmas Tree

by Tera Kurtz

Continue This Labor

Creepy Cobweb Umbrella


Waterproof Bag Cover

from Agatha Lee of

Green Issues by Agy

Better Bat Costume

by Lenore M. Edman

Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories

Smartphone Camera Extender

by Lisa at Grey Luster Girl

DIY Umbrella Lamp

from Brit Schlaybach

Thoughts from a Lady in Waiting

Wicked Witch of the Midwest

Just Drink a Coke

DIY Outside White Twig Light

Home DIY People

Lil Cutie Pouch

by noodlehead

Changing Mat

from Todd Gehri


Bird Feeder

Lauren M.

Eco-friendly Reusable Bag

from Joanne W.

Parachute Toy

from bwente

Halloween Hat

Etsy Russian Team

Blinky Bike Bag

from Agatha Lee of

Green Issues by Agy


Delta Kite

from bigape

Crinkly Cat Toy

Lauren M.

Umbrella Bag

by Anita from 3 Ptice and Life.Style.Fun.

DIY Greenhouse

from John O.

Eat Healthy DELCO


Bean or Cucumber Trellis

Dirt du jour


Beanbags from Umbrella Cover

Lauren M.

grocery bag

Grocery Bag Holder

from an Umbrella Cover

Lauren M.


Trapping Deer Flies

from Umbrella Girl

Sound Dome

from SHIFT!


Shirt Design

by Karolina Belusso

Solar BBQ

Solar Bar-b-q

by andrew215


Golf Cart Shade/Decoration

Lauren M.

Earbud Pouch

from Erin

Dog Under My Desk


Free People


from Heather

Tablecloth with Umbrella Hole

~ just add a zipper, snaps or velcro!

Wrist Strap Keychain

by Caroline at SewCanShe

Pretty Lanyard

by Caroline at SewCanShe

Lego Playmat and Storage

from Lee at Freshly Pieced


from Trina Holden

(skip to step 8 if using an umbrella)

Living Room Teepee

from Travis Bow

Doll-sized Salon Cape

by Ashley Hackshaw

at Lil Blue Boo

Vine Support

by Garden Gate magazine

Car Trash Bag

from Chica & Jo

Painted Umbrella

Covered Bird Feeder

How to Use an Umbrella

as a Weapon in Self-Defense


Creative Christmas Tree

The Jubiltree Company

Earring Display

Red Poppies

Wood and Fabric

Umbrella Handle Hook


Personalize Your Umbrella

Crossing the Bugger-Dixon Line

An estimated 1 billion umbrellas are broken and thrown away each year - this is enough to circle the earth 18 times, build 25 Eiffel Towers with the metal components, and cover New York City with the fabric (which takes about 100 years to biodegrade). Every year!