400 Years in Ulster

I have created these pages as a resource for anyone seeking information on family ancestors with the surname McCorkell/McCorkle and other various spellings with roots in the Northwest of Ireland, centred but not exclusively in counties Donegal and Londonderry in the Province of Ulster. Above on the left is a map of Ulster which contains the 9 most northerly counties of Ireland, Donegal, Cavan and Monaghan are in the Irish Republic the other 6 Counties, known as Northern Ireland remain part of the United Kingdom.

I have been tracing my own ancestors in the area for some time and have built up a database of useful resources and links to other sites which will help you in your search. The ultimate aim of this site is to link various branches of the McCorkell family through shared ancestors, to achieve this aim I will be relying on others with research relating to the family to share their knowledge and ancestral files/Family trees so together we may be able to push back our shared ancestry toward the Plantation of Ulster 400 years ago.

In the following pages I will discuss in more detail the history and distribution of the name in Ireland over the past 400 years, you will also find records relating to Births, marriages, deaths and census records relating to the area. The ultimate aim for this project is to reconnect various branches of the family tree in Ireland, hopefully if enough family members submit their own research it may be possible at least to drive back shared histories a generation or two.

All information I have supplied on the site is copyright free and has been transcribed by myself from various sources, you are free to use any information found here but I would ask only that you credit the site when using the information. Return to the site regularly as I am adding new records often. If you know of any other McCorkells that may be interested and have trees to submit please let me know.

Searching for McCorkell males from the McCorkell family to take a y-dna test,

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A larger sample size would lead to a greater understanding of the families roots

It has so far, yielded some important information on the family and its origins

But more participants especially those who remained in Ireland of emigrated to Australia

would help to complete a fuller picture

Contact: jmccorkell(@)gmail.com

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Latest additions

May 2011

1880 United States Census, McCorkells born in Ireland

Dec 2011

Robert McCorkle Will index1691- See Plantation 1630-1700

Dec 2011

Scottish Will 1666 - See Plantation 1630-1700

Apr 2012

Births, Deaths and Marriages from “The Sentinel” from its first publication in 1829 to 1869 – 41 years

Sep 2012

Londonderry Corporation minutes 1696

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