League Rules

The Maui Open Baseball League is a recreational baseball league that provides Maui citizens 14 and older an opportunity to play organized baseball during the summer and fall seasons.


Games will be played at the Ichiro “Iron” Maehara Stadium or Maui High School on weekday evenings and weekends from July through October.

  • Team Roster and required forms (link below) due prior to first game.  All players must sign form and/or have parent signature BEFORE participating.  Violation subject to forfeit.
    • Eligibility of players: High school freshman age 14 or older. 
      • Parent/Guardian Waiver must be signed for any athlete under the age of 18.
      • Adult Waiver Form must be signed by any athlete age 18 or older.
  • All athletes must adhere to the No Fight Rule.  Violation of the No Fight Rule will result in player’s immediate dismissal from league and a minimum one year suspension from all county sponsored and county co-sponsored activities from calendar date.  If any player is ejected from a game for any reason other than fighting, the following consequences will be enforced:     
    • 1st offense = 1 game suspension.     2nd offense = dismissed from league for the remainder of the season.
  • No Alcohol.  Athletes will be dismissed from the facility and suspended from team’s next scheduled game if having consumed alcohol prior to and/or during game play. 
    • No smoking or alcohol in dugout.

 Rosters & Waivers are due before first game

  • Team managers responsible for securing County of Maui waiver forms from their players and turning them into a county representative - Mice Kahula or, Jackie Fuentes.
  • Any players added to roster must be listed for one game and sit out that 1 game before being eligible to play.  Manager must notify coordinator of all players being added, coordinator will add the player to the list and notify managers.  Once a player is listed on a roster, they cannot change teams unless all teams agree to the move via a vote. 
  • Eligible Rosters will be posted to this website under Teams & Contacts

 Fields & Insurance

  • The County of Maui provides the use of fields and the insurance for the league to operate.
  • The MOBL has requested to Parks & Recreation that game fields be dragged and lined prior to games, or that teams are given supplies needed to prepare the fields an hour before the game time.
  • Home team fixes field (rakes infield, mound and home plate areas flat) if another game follows theirs.  Failure to do so will result in forfeit of $20 of their field maintenance deposit.
  • Visiting team tarps mound and home plate area after home team rakes after games at stadium. Failure to do so will result in forfeit of $20 of their field maintenance deposit.

Fees & Deposits

  • Field Maintenance: Each team shall pay a $60 deposit for field maintenance.  If team neglects to repair field or tarp mound and plate area, they will be fined $20 per occurrence. 
    • If a team uses all of their deposit, $60 more needs to be submitted before being able to play next game.   If team does not incur fines, deposit shall be returned. 
  • Umpires: Each team pays umpires directly before each game: 9 inning games = $50 per team ($60 home, $50 Bases = $110). 7 inning games = $45 per team ($50 home, $40 Bases = $90).
    • If a team forfeits, they must pay the umpires in full, for each team) before being allowed to play their next game. To avoid a forfeit fee, managers may contact their opponent and the officials 4 days in advance or shall contact their opponent and negotiate a makeup date/location.
  • Scorekeepers: Employing scorekeepers is encouraged however not necessary.  
    • If a game is played with out a scorekeeper, the umpire is not responsible for keeping track of runs scored.


  • 9 innings on weekends and 7 innings on weekday evenings.  
  • Games will be played by the NFHS Rules, with the following provisions:
    • 3 hour and 15 minute time limit for all weekend, 9 inning games.  3 1/2 hour time limit for 6pm weeknight games.  8 run mercy rule after 5 innings for 7 inning games; 10 after 7 innings for 9 inning games.
    • Home team provides 6 new NFHS approved game balls then all balls after those are used/lost.  Balls must be deemed ‘playable’ by umpire and opposing manager.  For playoffs, each team provide 6 new baseballs so there are a dozen for the game.
    • 15 minute grace period - If a team is missing a player or two that is running late, that team has 15 minutes for necessary players (are on the field ready to play) before having to forfeit. 
    • Each team responsible for keeping own score book.
    • Must Slide Rule in effect.  No taking out the defensive player. Slides are directly into the bag.
    • Wood or aluminum bats may be used as approved by the NFHS 2012 high school baseball rules.  If aluminum, it must meet BBCOR standards (-3).  Violation will result in illegal bat being confiscated by umpire for remainder of game.  Results of illegal equipment shall be vacated upon discovery. Umpires shall check bats and helmets for compliance before games and be aware of rule variations from the NFHS.
    • Players must wear jersey tucked in with a unique number, cap, pants and covered shoes.
    • Courtesy runners for pitcher/catcher only.
    • DH can be used for any player
    • Unlimited reentry for position player and his substitute - a player may not reenter as a pitcher if he has pitched in the game previously
    • 10th or Alternate Hitter - the AH can be positioned anywhere in the batting lineup, like a DH.

Approved and Unapproved Non-wood BESR baseball bat lists

A comprehensive list of approved and non-approved BESR non-wood bats from the NCAA Bat Certification facility at the Washington State University Sport Science Laboratory. The link is www.mme.wsu-ssl.org/certifiedbaseballbats.aspx. Please share this information with your players and management. We trust this will reduce some of the confusion with the compliancy of many non-wood baseball bats.