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Ask Council Members for the County to continue to support the Maui Open Baseball League

posted Jun 4, 2012, 12:29 AM by Barry Takahashi

Get Council Members to support the Maui Open Baseball League

Maui Open Baseball League managers were informed at their managers meeting that the central Maui parks and recreation department is losing staff due to budget cuts. Also on the cutting block possibly next season is the county’s sponsorship of the adult leagues that means so much to our residents and especially youth who develop in these leagues.   Next season team fees may go up from $1,200 (umpires and balls) to at least $1,500 (add on field rental, lights fees, and league insurance).  To show your support, contact your council member and let them know that they need to fight to keep this league that has groomed so many of our high school, college and pro baseball products – on and off the field. We need to keep this league sponsored by the county and to promote development of more teams and fields to accommodate Maui’s true pastime. Mahalo