Non-Academic Stuff

Refugee Volunteer Work

I've led the Temple Beth Am Refugee Taskforce for the past several years. (I'm also currently the Vice President of Social Action at Temple Beth Am.) Here are a few articles about that work:

Habonim Dror Camp Gilboa

I've been a board member of my kids' amazing summer camp since 2018 and am currently the Chair of the Board.

  • I'm also chair of the Master Plan committee. We selected the architectural team in early 2020 and are working through the regulatory and fundraising process. The primary goal is to increase capacity as the camp has grown beyond its current physical capacity.

  • One of my contributions to the marketing as they launched the new website was to write up the Wikipedia entry.

  • Since joining the board I've been riding for our team Go Go Gilboa, led by Mathis Chazanov, in the annual Tour de Summer Camps to help raise scholarship money.

Neighborhood School Volunteer Work

I was pretty active in the PTA, including a couple years as president (2014-2016), at Carthay Elementary School when it transitioned to become the Carthay School of Environmental Studies:

  • Unfortunately we briefly had a principal that wasn't a good fit for the incoming magnet program so we needed to do some community organizing in 2014 to get a replacement. The local press loves conflict! Sample stories here and here.

  • Here's a nice local article in 2015 about the new environmental studies magnet program.

  • We got funding for an Outdoor Classroom that was completed in 2016.