Important Dates

2018-2019 Calendar

Band Events for Grades 7-12

Calendar subject to change; check for e-mail updates

Friday, September 21

Instrument Demonstration Day @ TES

• 9:30am start time; Gr. 8-12 Band members demonstrate instruments for students in Grade 4

Friday, October 12th

Homecoming Pep Rally

• Band Students in Grades 7-12 perform; during the school day

Saturday, December 1st

Festival of the Trees/Tree Lighting Performance

• Band students in Grades 9-12 arrive at Old Town Hall at 4:30pm

• Approximate performance time: 5:00 - 5:30pm

• Holiday Ensemble members in Grades 7 & 8 also perform

Tuesday, December 18th

Grade 7-12 Band Performance Trip to TES

• 9:45am start time

Wednesday, February 6th

Winter Band Concert @ THS – Grades 6-12

• 6:30pm student arrival; 7:00pm start time

Thursday, February 7th

Winter Band Concert SNOW DATE

Thursday, March 21st

Solo & Chamber Ensemble Concert

• 6:30pm student arrival; 7:00pm start time

• Students in Grades 6-12 perform solo & chamber literature studied in the private lesson & in class

• Not all TMS students participate in this concert; participation based on the recommendation of the private lesson instructor

Friday, April 5th

– MICCA Concert Festival Sunday, April 7th

• Adjudication Performance Day of Friday, Saturday OR Sunday to be determined in January; Grade 7-12 Band participates

Thursday, April 11th

Grade 7-12 Band Trip - Boston Symphony Orchestra Open Rehearsal

• Students return in time for dismissal

Friday, May 3rd

Great East Music Festival/Six Flags Trip

• Grade 7-12 Band performance & adjudication

• Approx. return time: 6:00pm

Thursday, May 16th

Spring Band Concert – Grades 5-12 @ THS

• 6:30pm student arrival; 7:00pm start time

Monday, May 27th

Tyngsborough Memorial Day Parade

• Arrive at THS at 8:15am, rain or shine; 1:15pm return time

• This is a commitment for all Band Students in Grades 7-12.

Thursday, June 6th

THS Graduation Rehearsal

• Grade 7-12 Band students report to THS Gymnasium for 7:30am

• Approximate end time: 11:15am

Friday, June 7th

THS Graduation Performance

• Band Students in Grades 7-12 perform

• 7:30am rehearsal; approx. end time: 11:15am

• Arrive in THS Band Room at 5:45pm in black & white concert dress

• Approximate dismissal time: 8:30pm

Additional Calendar Notes:

• Students with after-school jobs are expected to provide their employer with all performance dates, as work will not be considered a valid reason for missing a performance.

• All fundraisers & travel dates are pending administrative approval. Mattress Fundraiser date TBD.

• High school students who selected the two-trimester option for Band are required to participate in all scheduled Trimester I performances, trips, and fundraisers.

• Rehearsal & performance dates for students accepted to participate in the Junior or Senior District Music Festival are listed on page 8.

• Dates for morning performances on the THS Balcony in December are listed on page 7.

• Rehearsals & performance events scheduled during the school day are coordinated with building administration. Student participation is required as part of the course participation portion of the trimester grade.

Special Opportunities Holiday Ensemble

Here is your chance to take part in a Tyngsborough High School tradition! During the holiday season, high school band members play holiday music on the balcony as classmates and staff members enter the building.

For interested Grade 7 & 8 Band students, rehearsals will take place one afternoon per week beginning in late October. All high school band students will rehearse during the school day.

THS Balcony Performance Dates for 2018 (7:00am meeting time): Friday, December 7th; Friday, December 14th; Friday, December 21st

TMS Lobby Performance Date for 2018 (6:45am meeting time): Thursday, December 20th

Pep Band

Pep Band will rehearse after school, once per week, until 3:30pm. Rehearsals will take place in January and February. Band students in Grades 7-12 are eligible to participate. The group will play in the bleachers at several home varsity basketball games.

Students must be enrolled in Band class during the school day to be eligible to participate in after-school music ensembles. These ensembles include, but are not limited to, Holiday Ensemble and Pep Band.

Northeastern District Junior & Senior Music Festivals

Organized each year by the Massachusetts Music Educators Association, Junior & Senior Districts provides students with the opportunity to rehearse and perform instrumental music with other high-achieving young musicians from the state. This is an excellent opportunity for students who enjoy performing music at a high level and are looking for a musical challenge.

• Students enrolled in their school’s band class are eligible to participate.

• Time commitment is minimal: Students with successful auditions participate in two rehearsal dates and one concert date.

• A parent/guardian is responsible for transportation: students who drive to the audition, rehearsals, or concert will be ineligible to participate.