Calendar Raffle

TMPA 2019 Calendar Raffle

We are looking for your help in collecting donations for our calendar raffle! Please contact Trish at if you can help or would like more information.

Also, if you have a business that would like to sponsor a square via a cash donation, that’s always welcome!! Or if you know somebody that has a business that would like to sponsor a square, please have them get in touch with me! Thanks!

TMPA 2018 Calendar Raffle Winners


February 16, 2018

Calendar Raffle Fundraiser - Due Monday after Vacation

All Band students in Grades 6-12 received 10 calendars with a booklet of 10 blue raffle tickets in December. All students are asked to sell their 10 calendar raffles by Monday, February 26th. Thank you to those families who have already sold their 10 calendar raffles, and have taken more to sell. Thank you for your support of this important fundraiser.


Calendar Raffle Has Begun

This past Monday was the kick-off of the Band Calendar Raffle, sponsored by the Tyngsborough Music Parents Association (TMPA). Thank you to Trish Garner, who visited THS & TMS Band classes to explain this fundraiser to the students.

Each student received 10 calendars & 10 blue raffle tickets (stapled together as one book). Please check your child's backpack & binder if you have not yet seen these. The letter below was included in the packet sent home with students:

Tyngsborough Music Parents Association (TMPA) is a group of parents who assist the band throughout the school year in many ways. We are about to kick off our main fundraiser for the year, the Calendar Raffle. The money raised by this fundraiser will go a long way to help the Tyngsborough Band cover the costs of instruments, equipment, music lessons, and travel expenses. Like last year, our biggest financial assistance this year is going towards reducing the cost of after-school private music lessons for all participants.

The Calendar Raffle is a raffle with a different prize for each day of the month of March. The Grand Prize is $200 cash! Each raffle ticket can win multiple times. Winners will be contacted by phone, and names will be posted on the TMPA website and Facebook page.

We ask that each band student participate in this fundraiser. Each band student received a pack of 10 blue raffle tickets and 10 copies of the calendar which shows the prizes. Each ticket has 2 sides: ticket information and a stub. The person buying the ticket should be given the ticket information along with a copy of the calendar. Fill out the stub side, but keep all stubs stapled together. Stubs and payments (checks only please, payable to “TMPA”) should be given to Mr. Eaton. Additional packs of raffle tickets are available from Mr. Eaton upon request.

The last day to turn in ticket sales is Monday, February 26th. We realize that this is a long way away, but felt that having the tickets available for sale over the holidays might be helpful. Also, please note that this date is the Monday immediately following February vacation, and winners will be drawn very soon after that date. If you are concerned about forgetting to turn in stubs on this date, you should plan to turn them in before February vacation.

If your student would like to sell more than 10 tickets, additional packs of tickets can be obtained from Mr. Eaton. As some extra incentive, students will receive a free raffle ticket entry for every 10 tickets that they sell.

If you have any questions, you can email Thank you for your participation and support.