Texas Council of Elementary Science PreK-8

UHCL Student Chapter of TCES presents at CAST 2018

by Omah Duncan, PhD

Pre-service teachers and UHCL Student Chapter of TCES officers, Laura Ortiz (President and featured on the right) and Tonia Mears (Vice-president and featured on the left), made the drive to Fort Worth to present at their first CAST 2018 TCES Share-a-thon. They also had the opportunity to visit with and meet current TCES president, Jamie Flemmer (Center). Both students were elated to have the experience and will be graduating from the UHCL's teacher preparation program by May 2020.

Tonia and Laura co-presented with their student organization's faculty advisor, Dr. Omah Duncan. Together, the trio lead TCES share-a-thon attendees to create a simple circuit project for elementary students in grades 3 - 5. The 5 - E Lesson may be found on the UHCL SC of TCES website featured here:

Every semester, the UHCL SC of TCES strives to recruit new members to attend meetings that focus on content review for the Science portion of the TExES EC - 6 Core Exam. As a new campus organization, they are steadily increasing their achievements.

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