Welcome to my personal homepage.
I am an economist at the International Monetary Fund. All views expressed on this site are my own and do not necessarily reflect the position of the International Monetary Fund. My research interests include macroeconomics, monetary policy, political economics, learning, optimal experimentation,and applied econometrics.

My CV can be found here.
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Recent publications
1. A note on optimal experimentation under risk aversion, Journal of Economic Theory, 179, 2019 (with Godfrey Keller and Vladimir Novak). 
2. The benefits of forced experimentation: striking evidence from the London underground network, Quarterly Journal of Economics, 132 (4), 2017 (with Shaun Larcom and Ferdinand Rauch). 
3. Dissecting Fiscal Multipliers under the Fiscal Theory of the Price Level, European Economic Review, 95, 2017 (with Peder Beck-Friis).
Working papers

2. Evaluating the impact of non-financial IMF programs using the Synthetic Control Method (with Monique Newiak), R&R at the Journal of Applied Econometrics
3. On the Macroeconomic Consequences of Over-Optimism (with Paul Beaudry)
        Selected media coverage: The Wall Street Journal.

Book chapters
1. Debt Sustainability (with Xavier Debrun, Jonathan Ostry, and Charles Wyplosz), in: Ali Abbas, Alex Pienkowski, and Kenneth Rogoff (eds.), Sovereign Debt: A Guide for Economists and Practitioners, Oxford University Press, 2019.