What is a blackline master?

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A blackline master ia an A4 sheet with exercises or information designed for use in classrooms. The Thesis Whisperer blackline masters series are materials I use in my workshops with research students. These blackline masters are free to use under the terms of the license below. Each blackline master listed on the left has text, which you can lift for your own purposes, and an attached PDF, which is formatted for easy photocopying.

The series is released under the creative commons share a-like attribtution license. Feel free to circulate and change, but please acknowledge the original author, which is noted at the bottom of each page. I'd like to thank Margaret of the Konstant Kaos blog for the idea.

If you would like to make a suggestion for a new blackline master, or an update / correction to a current one, or you have made a Blackline master you would like to share with the world here, please email the editor: inger@mewburn.net