Unit 158 Tournament Covid policy as of May 15, 2023 - Proof of vaccination not currently required for tournaments. Masking is recommended if you are at high risk for severe illness. Masks and sanitizer will be available inside the playing area.

Officers Unit 158 c/o Route 66 Bridge Club, 6205 East 61st Street, Tulsa, OK 74136

Henry Robin                 President

Jack Lindley               1st Vice President

Kurt Schultz                Hospitality Chair

Phyllis Webb               Secretary & Electronic Contact

Greg Burton                Treasurer, STAC Coordinator & Buisness Manager

Peggy Gaffke              Tournament Coordinator

Janie Funk                   NAP & GNT Coordinator

Greg Burton                Unit Championship Coordinator

Ray Zekauskas             Education Liaison & Membership Chair

Bob Hanson                 Charity Chair

Alice Hauger              Intermediate-Newcomer Coordinator

Carol Gammell        Publicity Coordinator

Ted Meyers                Webmaster

Board of Directors

Kurt Schultz (thru 2025)                  Tulsa

Ray Walterbach (thru 2025)         Tulsa

Phyliss Webb (thru 2025)              Tulsa

Phil Graham (thru 2026)                Tulsa

Susan Jeffrey  (thru 2026)            Tulsa

Sydney Rhodes (thru 2026)         Tulsa

Kathy Bradshaw (thru 2024)       Tulsa

Rick Snyder      (thru 2024)            Tulsa

Jack Lindley (thru 2024)                Tulsa

Henry Robin                                         Bartlesville

Dave Murdock                                   Muskogee

Games and Contact People

List of Games in Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Bartlesville and Muskogee , Oklahoma

Route 66 Bridge Club Website  6205 East 61st Street, Tulsa, OK 74136   918-492-4406

Becky Thomison...........918-760-6238

Sunday  ♣ Results 1:00 pm  Stratified Pairs..........Dorris Doyle  918-906-3308

Monday ♣ 11:30 am    Lessons with an invitational game afterwards

  Barbara Holloway 918-494-6823

Monday Results 6:30 pm  0-1250 Pairs

Tuesday ♣ Results 11:30 am  Stratified Pairs

Wednesday ♣ Results 11:30 am Stratified Pairs

Thursday ♣ Results 10:30 am 0-1250 Pairs

Friday ♣ Results  11:00 am 0-500 Pairs,  11:30 am  Stratified Pairs

Saturday Results  1:00 pm 0-100 Pairs

Tulsa Seniors DBC  Jewish Community Center, 2021 E 71st Street ,Tulsa, OK 74136

Tuesday  Results 11:00 am Stratified Open Pairs ..Ron Preston 918-449-9919

Broken Arrow Bridge Club  ♣  Pictures  St. Patrick's Episcopal Church 4250 W. Houston, Broken Arrow, OK 

          Harvey Swalley............... Manager.............918-605-5580

Monday ♥ Results 10:00 am Stratified Pairs......Harvey Swalley 918-605-5580

Wednesday ♥ Results 10:00 am  Stratified Pairs.....Harvey Swalley 918-605-5580

Bartlesville 55 Plus Activity Center  Pictures 1400 S. E. Washington Boulevard, Bartlesville, OK 74006


Becky Lowe..................Manager......................918-333-9724 

Monday ♦ Results 12:00  Noon Open Pairs...........David Bailey  918-333-6343

Green Country Duplicate    Senior Station, 2001  West Okmulgee, Muskogee, OK  74401

Dave Murdock..........Manager......................918-462-1116

Monday  Results 12:30 pm  Open Pairs.............Mary Smith  918-682-2605 or Flo DeBartolo 832-520-7073

Wednesday  Results 12:30  pm  0-299 Pairs..........Sandra Cole 918-684-9002

Friday Results 2:30 pm  Open Pairs.................Ann Kent  918-682-3098

We have some great programs to teach new bridge players! Here are  some of our teachers we honored 5-12-23. Not pictures are Barbara Holloway and Carol Gammell.

Thanks Phil Wilner for all you have done for the Route 66 Bridge Club!

Two of our players won a national event in Kansas City!

We have an electronic dealing machine for our Unit 158 games.

The Tulsa Regional chaired by Angie and Barbara was a great success! Thanks to all the bridge players who helped and played in it!

The Tulsa Summer Sectional 2016 was a great success!

      Thanks Barbara, Angie and all those who helped.

 Tulsa Summer Sectional 2016 Pictures

Click to see our bridge players interviewed on Explore Tulsa!

Some of our players were interviewed for our local TV show "Explore Tulsa"  by Stevie Fernandez. Or you can find it at their website.   http://exploretulsa.com/

Tournament Chairman Rex Smith, Partnership Ann Minkler

Directors Kevin Perkins and Lucky Snyder

Tulsa Sectional Tournament ♦ August 1-3, 2014 Results

We have three new Life Masters in Unit 158 !

Sherri, Gary and Jan

Click on the picture to see and hear David Curry's great

 bass voice sing for our Unit 158 Membership Game.

Tulsa Regional 2013 July 8-14, 2013 ♦ Website With Results and Pictures 

Claremore Sectional September 2012 Pictures

Tulsa Sectional July 2012 Pictures

McAlester Sectional 5-7-2012

Results and Pictures ♣ Tulsa Regional 2011

These two novels and a bridge murder that gained national attention should interest duplicate bridge players:

The Cardturner by Louis Sachar 2010

Tickets to the Devil  by Richard P. Powell 1968

The Devil's Tickets by Gary M. Pomerantz 2009 is a non-fiction account of  a woman who murdered her husband after some poor bridge in 1929. Ely Culbertson used the sensation the murder and her trial caused to popularize bridge nationwide!

You can play ACBL sponsored duplicate bridge on the internet!

This is a good time to play bridge online.

Bridge Base Online has special games for Oklahoma players only.

There are limited point and open games that all give master points!

 Results for the Oklahoma Collective games

You can play the robots for free at Bridge Base Online to familiarize yourself with playing bridge online.