The Vickers Twins

Models * Actors * Ambassadors * Artist

MICHAEL (Mikey) AND MIGUEL (Guel) TAYLOR-VICKERS. Began their modeling career at the age of five months. Their first experience consisted of modeling for college students, receiving a discipline in photography. By the age of four, they began modeling for the US Army principle Annex in Aberdeen, MD,

By age 8, Michael and Miguel, along with their twin sisters, Michelle and Makayla, made their first music video appearance shooting basketball and jump-roping in the Hip Hop Video entitle, "I'm A G": song by N.O.R.E, directed by their father. Reintroduced to modeling during their final year of high school, their stiff neck led them to attend college, earing them credits in Business Management. After many years of long lectures, speeches, inspirational, encouraging, and life threatening moments by their mother and father, Michael and Miguel decided to adhere to their parents by taking a leap of faith into becoming actors and modeling again - as a back up plan - to the backup plan - to the plan (that is not a typo!!).


In 2016, Michael became the CEO and Founder of S.O.L.O Entertainment. He has produced 4 mixed tape featuring Mr. Gatsby and a mix of other inspiring artist throughout Louisiana and Maryland. Miguel "every now and then, appears in a few tracks! In 2017, Michael also founded S.O.L.O. Fitness and began training fitness buffs and Professional athletes. In addition to starting a music production company, Michael and Miguel in the same year traveled to California, met with the infamous Film and Video Director, Chris Robinson and landed a principle role as "The Boston Rappers" in a BET 3 day miniseries entitled, "The New Edition Story" which aired on BET, Jan 24th -26th, 2017..

Upon returning from California, Miguel ventured to Atlanta, GA and began his modeling career. He soon became a model of Weirdo®. Simultaneously, Michael, became Ambassador and model of the Rival Collection® upon arriving from Cali back home in Louisiana.....and we are not surprised that their first successes came when it did! In 2017, Miguel collaborated with Comedian, Just Call Me Smoove in the productions of a few comedy skits.

Michael and Miguel are the oldest of two sets of twins. They were born in Shreveport, LA yet raised in Maryland, Texas, Georgia, and Louisiana. Their hobbies are playing football (flag and tackle), soccer, basketball, playing video games, movies, spending QT with their family, and getting on their mothers nerves. They are well noted for their unique twin relationship, their love for children, continuous support and encouragement to their peers and their ability to purposely bring laughter and smiles to surface!


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