Natasha l Jolivette is one of the most diverse young actresses and models of the millennium. With her southern roots, personality, natural talent and skills, she is truly a force to be reckoned with. At the young age of 5, Natasha loved modeling. She would dress herself in her mothers clothing and shoes, modeling numerous garments for her invisible audience. Over the years, she has participated in Zydeco Festival, Trail rides, Concerts, Parades and Créole Food Festivals.

Natasha began modeling at the age of 15 where she participated in local events throughout Louisiana. Upon moving to Houston, TX, in 2006, age 24 she participated in runways shows, modeling for the likes of such as Ed Hardy, Guess and Local Clothing Boutiques. She has been featured in magazines out of Miami Florida, Atlanta GA, Digital Houston Magazines and a Runway show for Houston’s Go DJ Awards.

In 2014, she made her first debut appearance as an actress in a stage play entitled "Deception of The Side Chic", directed by Jasper Faulk. Her witty, strong willed personality, and portrayal of "Dominant" landed her lead roll. In 2015, she landed a principle role in "H-Town", a movie directed by Regional Roux and landed the lead role the movie “The Foreign Exchange Student” directed by Jonathan Milton . In Her most recent project, Ms. Jolivette takes on the role as Detective Jackson in the Series entitled "G-Code, Tales of King City", directed by Rico King. Currently, she joins 3 others as the Host of the FaceBook Talk Show entitled Doctors Orders where topics relating to Life, Love, and Relationship are discussed.

Born in December 1983 in Lafayette, Louisiana, she also has a heart for cooking Louisiana cuisines and by default; she prides herself in helping others in particularly the elders in her community. Fashion is a hidden passion. She loves styles that are unique yet capture the very essence of who she is: Conservative, Sexy, and Different!

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