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Batch Subtitles Converter (BatchSubsConverter) Copyright © 2012-2021 TSDARKNESS

A handy tool to convert more than one subtitle file
to over 100 subtitle formats, with the ability to change
the encoding of the subtitle and the frame-rate and more
in a simplest user interface form.


-Updated White-list Files.
-Added New Subtitle Formats.
-Added New EBU STL Subtitle Option.
-Added New Options under 'File' Menu:
 Export/Import Configuration File.
-Added New Options under 'Misc' Menu:
 Matroska Subtitles Preferred-Stream Option.
 Fast Convert Between Image Based Formats.
 Filtering Files List to Prevent Duplicates.
 Auto Resize Files List when Resizing Main Window.
 Hide Files List from User Interface.
 Log Operation to an Output File.
 Start the Conversion After Adding Files.
 Make Beep Sound on Completion.
-Added New Options under 'Fixes' Menu:
 Remove Text For Hearing Impaired.
 Set Minimum Duration Time Between Subtitles.
 Set Maximum Displayed Subtitles Duration.
 Increase Displayed Subtitles Duration.
 Increase or Decrease ASS/SSA Font Size For Styles.
 Set Minimum Words To Show At One Time for AWS Transcribe Json and CTM (segmented) formats.
 Fix Overlapped Time.
 Replace Texts in Subtitles.
-Added New Options in Edit (VobSub\BluRaySup\etc.) Image Based Formats:
 Use ASS/SSA Styles from ASS/SSA File.
 Get Border Style/Resolution/Override-Tags from ASS/SSA File.
 Enable Outline Border or Rounded Corner for Opaque Box Option.
 Fast Convert Between Image Based Formats.
 Multi-Thread Operation ( Experimental ).
-Added New Options in VobSub\BluRaySup (IDX\SUB\SUP) Resizer:
 Context Menu to Preview Changes, Browse and Remove Selected Files.
 Image Size to Resize Images by Percentage.
 Crop Image to Adjust Margins Correctly.
 Reset Settings to it's Default Values.
 Preview Panel to Preview Changes.
 Multi-Thread Operation ( Experimental ).
-Added New Options in Subtitles Time Adjuster:
 Set Minimum Duration Between Subtitles ( Gaps ).
 Set Minimum/Maximum Duration of the Displayed Subtitles.
 Prevent Time Overlap.
 Fix Overlapped Time.
 Overwrite Source File.
 Use Source File Format when Possible.
-Added New Options in Subtitles Watcher/Converter:
 Enable or Disable Displaying Results of the Converted Files.
 Create an Output Log File of the Operation.
-Added New Option in Subtitles Merger/Joiner/Splitter:
 Split Subtitles into 2 Parts.
-Added Support to Get Largest Subtitle from Matroska File.
-Added Support to Get Certain Format/Title/Language from Matroska File.
-Added Support to Import or Export Advanced Sub Station Alpha Styles from Font Styles.
-Added Support to Convert PGS subtitles (Blu-Ray .SUP) to VobSub (DVD .IDX/.SUB) and Vice Versa:
 Note: Need to Enable 'Misc -> Fast Convert Between Image Based Formats'.
-Added New Context Menu Option For Files List to Set an Output Folder for the Selected Files.
-Added Switch Command (/c) to Automatic Start Conversion Process when Application Start.
-Added New 'Logs' Window to Show Un-imported/Failed Files through 'Import-Export' Files Option.
-Added 'Logs' Option Under 'File' Menu to Show Failed Results of the Processed Files.
-Updated 'Reset and Delete Settings' Regarding the New Options.
-Updated and Improved the Speed of Loading and Adding Large Numbers of Files.
-Updated and Improved OCR Recognition with New Options.
-Updated and Improved Font Styles with New Options.
-Updated and Improved Edit (VobSub\BluRaySup\etc.) Image Based Formats with New Options.
-Updated and Improved Rename Converted Files Option to Allow Replacing Multiple Strings.
-Updated and Improved Subtitles Time Adjuster and Added BluRay/VobSub Supports.
-Updated and Improved VobSub\BluRay (IDX\SUB\SUP) Resizer with New Options.
-Updated and Renamed Subtitles Merger\Joiner to Subtitles Merger\Joiner\Splitter.
-Fixed an Issue Regarding Converting Matroska Texts Sub to VobSub Format.
-Removed Automatic Batch Script Creator Option.
-Some Minor Changes, Fixes and Lots of Improvements.

Process only 1 file each run for the limited version.

Microsoft DotNet Framework v4.5.

Copyright Informations:
SE Sources Copyright © Nikolaj Lynge Olsson.
MI Library Copyright © Jérôme Martinez.
Config Parser Copyright © Salaros.
Argb Color Dialog Copyright © Sven Nilsen.
Tesseract Copyright © Hewlett Packard Company, Google Inc.


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