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Batch Subtitles Converter (BatchSubsConverter) Copyright © 2012-2017 TSDARKNESS

A handy tool to convert more than one subtitle file
to over 100 subtitle formats, with the ability to change
the encoding of the subtitle and the frame-rate and more
in a simplest user interface form.


-First public release.

-Auto Create Executable Shortcut Icon in SendTo folder.
-Added new Subtitle formats to the list.
-Added new Option to search for files inside sub-folders.
-Added new Option to overwrite subtitles if found.
-Added new Context menu to the list when select any files.
-Ability to Change font ( name, size, effects, colours, aligns )
-Ability to Drag and Drop files into the application executable file.
-Ability to Save the settings and load it when the program start.
-Ability to Resize\Maximize UI.
-Updated the Conversion of FPS ( Support to Manually Input\Output FPS values )
-Display Loading Percentage while processing MKV\MKS files.
-Some minor changes, fixes and improvements.

-Correct Converting FPS for non-US decimal format.
-Some minor changes and improvements.

-Fixed Advanced SubStation Alpha tags.
-Some minor changes and improvements.

-Added new Option to save\load last output folder.

-Added new Option to always apply last font effects.
-Added new Option to filter files ( white-list ) when adding files.
-Updated ASS/SSA Outline and Shadow input to support value with decimal point.
-Some minor changes and improvements.

-Re-compiled the application and made some minor changes.

-Rewrote Codes.
-Updated Description.
-Updated User Interface.
-Updated to DotNet Framework v4.0.
-Updated Internal Codes and Subtitle Formats.
-Added ASS\SSA Styles Font Resizer.
-Added Subtitle Fixer Options to Fix Subtitles.
-Added Time Adjuster to Show Subtitle Earlier or Later.
-Fixed Converting MicroDVD Sub when Changing the FPS.
-Lots of Changes, Fixes and Performance Improvements.

-Updated license installer.
-Updated configuration path.
-Some minor changes and improvements.

Convert max of 3 files each run.

Microsoft DotNet Framework v4.0.


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