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Batch Subtitles Converter (BatchSubsConverter) Copyright © 2012-2019 TSDARKNESS

A handy tool to convert more than one subtitle file
to over 100 subtitle formats, with the ability to change
the encoding of the subtitle and the frame-rate and more
in a simplest user interface form.


-Rewrote Codes.
-Updated Description.
-Updated User Interface.
-Updated to DotNet Framework v4.0.
-Updated Internal Codes and Subtitle Formats.
-Added ASS\SSA Styles Font Resizer.
-Added Subtitle Fixer Options to Fix Subtitles.
-Added Time Adjuster to Show Subtitle Earlier or Later.
-Fixed Converting MicroDVD Sub when Changing the FPS.
-Lots of Changes, Fixes and Performance Improvements.

-Updated license installer.
-Updated configuration path.
-Some minor changes and improvements.

-Added Import\Export File List Option.
-Added Rename Converted Files Option.
-Added Automatic Batch Script Creator Option.
-Fixed Accents when Converting from SCC Formats.
-Fixed White-list Filter when Adding Files from Folders.
-Fixed and Updated Use and Remember Output Folder Option.
-Some Minor Changes, Fixes and Improvements.

-Updated White-list Files.
-Updated and Added New Subtitle Formats.
-Added Subtitles Watcher to Monitor and Convert Files.
-Added Normalize Output from TTML\ITT\DFXP Files Option.
-Added Move Source Files After Conversion Option.
-Some Minor Changes, Fixes and Improvements.

-Updated and Added New Subtitle Formats.
-Updated and Added New Option to Normalize Output from TTML\ITT\DFXP Files.
-Added Subtitles Merger to Join and Merge More than One Subtitle Files Into One.
-Fixed Byte Order Mark when Converting to WebVTT Format.
-Improved Subtitle Extraction of Matroska files.
-Some Minor Changes and Improvements.

[v2.60] Release
-Added OCR Engine Option.
-Added New Subtitle Formats.
-Added Subtitles Time Adjuster.
-Added Advanced Subtitles Editor.
-Added Remove Line Breaks Option.
-Added Reset and Delete Settings Option.
-Added VobSub, BluRaySup Support.
-Added VobSub, BluRaySup Resizer.
-Added VobSub, BluRaySup and Other Image Based Formats Option.
-Added Support to Convert Text Subtitles from MP4, M4V Files if Available.
-Added Switch Command (/e) to Automatic Start Advanced Subtitles Editor when Application Start.
-Added Switch Command (/e:subfile) to Automatic Load and Start Advanced Subtitles Editor when Application Start.
-Added Switch Command (/w) to Automatic Start Subtitles Watcher when Application Start.
-Added Switch Command (/w+h) to Automatic Start Subtitles Watcher Hidden in System Tray when Application Start.
-Renamed 'Normalize Output from TTML\ITT\DFXP Files' to 'Normalize Timed Text Output'.
-Updated and Added 'Time Format' Option to 'Normalize Timed Text Output' Menu.
-Updated and Fixed Using Font Style in Subtitles Watcher.
-Updated White-list Files with New Extensions.
-Some Minor Fixes, Changes and Lots of Improvements.

-Added New Subtitle Formats.
-Updated and Improved Advanced Subtitles Editor.
-Some Minor Changes and Improvements.

-Added Matroska Subtitle Track Language Option.
-Added Support to Convert VobSub, BluRaySup from Matroska Files.
-Added New OCR Engine Option to Automatically Detect OCR Language from Matroska Files.
 This Option Requires Downloading All Languages to Work as Intended.
-Updated White-list Files.
-Updated OCR Recognition Options and Added Support to Export Image.
-Updated Advanced Subtitles Editor with New Options.
-Updated Advanced Subtitles Editor to Support Converting from VobSub, BluRaySup and Image Based Formats.
-Fixed Switch Command (/e) which didn't Start Advanced Subtitles Editor when Application Start.
-Some Minor Changes and Lots of Improvements.

-Added New Subtitle Format.
-Added New Option in VobSub, BluRaySup Resizer.
-Updated OCR Recognition Keys Option "Enter" to Continue, "Shift+Enter" to Append New Line.
-Fixed an Issue Regarding Applying Times in Subtitles Time Adjuster.
-Some Minor Changes.

Convert max of 1 file each run.

Microsoft DotNet Framework v4.0.


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