Undergraduate Courses
Introductory Microeconomics
        ECON 106, University of New Mexico

Introductory Macroeconomics
        ECN 1500, Utah State University
        ECON 105, University of New Mexico
        EC 204, Colorado State University
Intermediate Microeconomic Theory
        ECO 240, Illinois State University
        EC 306, Colorado State University

Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory
        ECN 4020, Utah State University
        ECON 303, University of New Mexico

Money and Banking
        ECO 215, Illinois State University
        EC 315, Colorado State University

Public Finance
        ECO 350, Illinois State University
        EC 320, Colorado State University

Economic Research and Methods: Modeling and Simulation
        ECN 5950, Utah State University

Graduate Courses

Advanced Public Economics (Ph.D. field course)
        ECON 560, University of New Mexico

Normative Theories of Public Economics (Ph.D. field course)
        ECON 562, University of New Mexico
Teaching Awards
The 2006-2007 Outstanding Graduate Teaching Award in Economics. Colorado State University.

Teaching Performance
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    Fall Semester 2009
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    Fall Semester 2010
    Spring Semester 2010
    Fall Semester 2009  
Pedagogical Projects
Using MS Excel to Solve and Simulate the LCPI Model of Consumption and Saving.  T. Scott Findley.  International Review of Economics Education (2014), 16(B), 129-143.  Working Paper (SSRN)   MS Excel File
LCPI Consumption: Annuitizing the Present Value of Lifetime Wealth.   T. Scott Findley
The Effect of Social Security Participation on the Well-Being of LCPI Consumers.   T. Scott Findley
Solving and Simulating Rule-of-Thumb Consumption and Saving in Continuous Time Using MS Excel.   T. Scott Findley and Erin Cottle
Computing a Continuous-Time Internal Rate of Return Using MS Excel.   T. Scott Findley
Continuous-Time Annuities.   T. Scott Findley
Simulating Social Security for a Two-Period Overlapping-Generations Model in a General-Equilibrium Mixed Economy Using MS Excel.   T. Scott Findley
Simulating a Continuous-Time Overlapping-Generations Model in General-Equilibrium Using MS Excel.
T. Scott Findley