Jet White

Jet White

When Jodie and I married in 1990, Jodie used forearm crutches to get around, and I was a “free walker” (though never very stable) . In 2002 I had back surgery and lost what stability I had. We decided to get mobility scooters so we could keep up with our son and his various activities. Now, Jodie is in a power chair and I use either my walker or a scooter depending on the distance we need to go.

When we first got our scooters, we had a minivan. We had one scooter ride inside the van, and the other one outside on a lift. Pictures here.

The two scooters weighed the minivan down, and when it rained, the scooter that rode outside the minivan got really wet.

None of the local mobility van dealers had a van that could fit two scooters easily inside. I searched the internet for a solution. I found a company in Edmonds, WA, that sold Dodge Sprinters that are equipped with lifts. Access Mobility Systems. They are now in Everett, WA.

We drove up to look at the vans. The people at Access Mobility were very kind to us. We fell in love with the van. With the help of extended financing, we were able to drive back up there a week later and pick up Jet White.