Disability Awareness

Jodie and Troy have faced difficult odds, but they manage to make it through with grace. They have a positive message of disability awareness. As their tagline says:

“Living and laughing with a disability – cerebral palsy; ordinary life, extraordinary circumstances.”

Jodie and Troy were guest speakers at their son’s sophomore health class, as well as to other classes, this past fall. The class was studying brain injury.

Reading and studying about brain injury will likely be forgotten after the test or assignment is over. Seeing, hearing, and interacting with Jodie and Troy, two individuals with different types of cerebral palsy who lead a full life, is a life lesson that will be remembered by the kids.

Troy and Jodie have a message to share, a message of hope and inspiration and a message of disability awareness.

They would love to have the opportunity to share their message with your group, be it a classroom of kids, or a business, organization, or church group of adults.

If you are interested in having Troy and Jodie come for a visit, or if you just have a question for them, please go to the “Contact us” page.

We are available to meet with a variety of groups:

-Church groups and Sunday school classes-Schools (elementary, intermediate, high school, college)-Young children (preschool, kindergarten)

-Companies & Organizations

We would like to share:

-Jodie’s story, Troy’s story and our son’s story of growing up in a household with disabled parents.

-Workshops – give people a little experience of being disabled-Answering questions about disabilities in a safe environment.

-Teaching disability awareness, discussing physical and attitudinal barriers that exist, with a positive message of how we have overcome barriers.

Troy and I would like a chance to tell you our unique story.

If you would like to find out more about how we can serve your group, please complete our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.