Scout BSA Troop 555

Chartered Organization - New Hanover Presbyterian Church

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Welcome to Scout BSA Troop 555

Mechanicsville, Virginia

Identify the benefits that the community receives from Scouting’s contribution; Scouting’s commitment to “help build a better world” (community involvement) is an indirect outcome of contributing to the education of youth. Thus, society benefits from the Scout Movement in two different ways:

One is the education of young people and the other - their empowerment as responsible and committed citizens. SDG GOAL # 4

Becoming “Active Citizens” Scouting contributes to the empowerment of autonomous individuals and the holistic development of active global citizens for the community. Enabling young people for being “Active Citizens” (in the present and future) should be seen as one of the end results of our Scouting educational process. Youth Changing Communities In order to enable young people within Scouting to take action in their communities, and contribute to positive developments in their societies, SDG GOAL # 16

Scouting should:

• Identify opportunities, both within Scouting itself and externally, for young people and adult volunteers to be active in society;

• Recognize the educational benefits of participating in community development work;

• Effectively enhance young people’s involvement in the community through the youth programme;

• Know how to address the external relations aspect of the community development projects, in terms of partnerships, image, communication;

• Understand what should be the role of an adult leader in supporting young people in fostering community development projects;

• Be active in the National Youth Council or its equivalent body (if such exists), as well as local and regional youth councils (where such exist); and

• Identify the needs and interests of young people in their community, during the development and review of its Youth Programme.

"The information above is taken from the WOSM Youth Involvement Policy

Troop 555 has served Mechanicsville, Virginia since 1983. Since the Troop was formed, 76 of our scouts have achieved the rank of Eagle. Browse our site to learn more about us, visit one of our meetings, or contact us at to learn more. We meet every Tuesday Night from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm.