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Attention scouts: Troop elections are on October 25!

This is the time where we elect new troop leadership, such as Patrol leader, Senior patrol leader, and Scribes. You can nominate people on October 18, 2021.

October 22 - 24: Pinnacles Rim rover!

Our scouts will hike a good 10.1 miles at pinnacles and will come back more tired than you've ever seen them! This campout is a lot of fun!

August 5 2021 - Northern Tier High Adventure Trip

Our scouts had a fantastic week of high adventure in the wild remote Boundary Waters of Northern Minnesota

May 31st 2021 - Memorial Day Flag Raising

On Memorial Day, at 12:00 noon, BSA Troop 604 performed a flag raising ceremony at the Felton Town Flagpole, with new American and MIA flags, in honor of all the American heroes who gave the the ultimate sacrifice for our country.

Facebook Post on the event from the Felton Business Association:

May 21st-23rd 2021 - New Scout Overnighter/Spring Court Of Honor

Troop 604 had a very successful new scout overnighter followed by our spring court of honor.

At our new scout overnighter a bridging ceremony was held to welcome 7 new scouts into troop 604. This was followed by activities to allow our senior scouts to welcome them into the troop and begin helping them learn the skills to progress on their scouting journey.

At the end of the campout the rest of the troop joined to hold our spring court of honor. 7 scouts achieved new ranks including 2 eagles. In addition 31 merit badges were awarded. Three of our leaders were also honored with their wood badges by the council.

April 16th-18th 2021 - First Class Overnighter

The 2021 first class overnighter was a great success. A number of great activities were held for the scouts to have fun and provide opportunities for our younger scouts to learn the skills necessary to advance towards first class!

  • Classes were held in knots, lashings, first aid, and orienteering.

  • They used their newly learned lashing skills to build a Chippewa camp kitchen, a wooden structure that you can cook on.

  • A fire making competition

  • Some great teamwork games.

Teamwork Games

Chippewa Camp Kitchen

March 19th-21st 2021 - Mt Diablo Camping

  • Need a writeup on this campout

November 6th-8th 2020 - Mt Diablo Camping

We had a great socially distant campout at Mt Diablo.

July 30th August 2nd 2020 - Kennedy Meadows Backpacking Trip

We had a great socially distant backpacking trip at Kennedy Meadows up to relief reservoir!

July 9th-12th 2020 - Summer Camp at Shaffer Park and Summer Court of Honor

Thanks to the support of the council and the effort of our leadership, and the generosity of Mr. Shaffer we were able to develop protocols to allow for a safe, socially distant campout at Shaffer park. A special thanks to all of our leaders who put in the extra effort to allow our scouts to get back outdoors!

At the end of the campout we held our summer court of honor.

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