Safety Course

The snowmobile safety course is now available on line at the following link.

Just to clear up some confusion as to *WHO* is required to have a Snowmobile
Safety Training Course.  This requirement was introduced by SGI in 2006.
Anyone born on or after Jan 1, 1989 must complete a Snowmobile  Safety
Course in order to operate a snowmobile on public property.
  1. Even though drivers born on or after Jan 1, 1989 may already have a
  valid driver's license* they are still  required by SGI to have this
  course.* (Many people are not aware of this! )
 2. After receiving this certificate, drivers under the age of 16 are
   required to ride with a qualified guardian.
  3. If you want to read more on this contact your local SGI office for the

*****This means there is quite a few young sled drivers in our area who
should be completing this course!

Sandy Logan