Tri Valley Trails


Years of Providing Safe Riding

Tri Valley Trails (TVT) is a local snowmobile club providing safe, groomed trails for riders. The club is also affiliated with Saskatchewan Snowmobile Association (SSA). Since TVT formed 19 years ago it has maintained several miles of trail systems which connect 3 valleys: Qu’Appelle, Assiniboine, and the Pipestone. The trail system also joins up with SnoMan trails (Manitoba system) at St. Lazare, Manitoba. The TVT trails are designated SSA trails therefore trail users are required to register their snowmobile. Failure to comply could result in fines.

Questions most asked by riders:

What requirements do I need to ride the trails?

Simply just a registered snowmobile. This gives the rider access to all SSA trails in Saskatchewan (10,000 kms) and the SnoMan Trails in Manitoba . Note: Snowmobile operators born on or after Jan 1, 1989 are now required to complete a Snowmobile Safety Training Course. Must be at least 12 years old to enroll. Course later this year. Click on safety course at the left side of this page for further details or contact a director.

Does Tri Valley Trails receive funding from SSA?

Yes. This amount is based on the total number of kms the club groomed and the number of riders who registered their snowmobile.

Do I need to purchase a Tri Valley Membership?

No. You are not required by law to obtain a membership. However; Tri Valley Trails cannot groom, upgrade, and maintain equipment with the funds solely from SSA.

How much does a TVT membership cost?

Only $50. for single or family. This price has not varied much over the years with 100% of the funds staying with TVT.

What is the benefit of becoming a TVT member?

You are helping your local club provide safe trails for you to enjoy. Signage is expensive; grooming involves both fuel and repair costs. The club also has insurance expenses which includes insuring the warm-up shacks. These shacks are available to everyone. Local support also allows the club to update and purchase additional equipment required to maintain the trail system.

Attention ALL Sledders

Our derby will be on February 22,2020

As the club starts into another season Tri Valley Trails would like to thank local riders for their past patronage and hope you will continue this year; also to welcome any new sled enthusiasts into our area and encourage your support. TVT memberships are available from any Board of Director. If you are interested in becoming involved with Tri Valley (there is always room on the Board), contact the following:

Stan Langley- President 306-435-8018

Joe Mitchell- Vice President

Gary Griffin- Treasurer- 306-435-2263

Kayla Stanhope- Secretary-306-434-8765

Board of Directors

- Gordon Grant - Randy Stanhope

- Stan Langley - Joe Mitchell

- Gary Birkenshaw - Gary Griffin

- Kevin Hunt - Ian Langley

- Neil Major- Trevor Lippai

- Garry Taggart -Kayla Stanhope

-Darcy Rambold-Donna Stanhope

Web Site-Gary Griffin

e-mail trivalleytrails312@gmail.com