Katie's journey: Anthropology 221/African Studies

Post date: Mar 1, 2015 6:34:04 PM

Katie Wolter, Daughter of Jim & Mary Wolter, had a life changing experience when she traveled to Africa for a class through Luther College (Decorah, IA). Katie and her fellow classmates traveled to Tanzania, Africa on January 5th, 2015 to learn, share and grow. The enclosed information is a synopsis of what Katie learned. If you would like to learn more about their journey, check out their blog at:


Katie's words . . .

"This past January I spent my days in beautiful Tanzania. Myself and seven other students spent our time among the Maasai people being integrated into their culture and learning about their way of life. Currently, the pastoralist culture of the Maasai is experiencing rapid change due to the increase of education, the adoption of Christianity, conservation, and other factors. It was our goal to investigate the nature of this culture change, and through our exploration of all the factors driving the cultural change of the Maasai, we were able to gain an understanding of the current culture of the Maasai and where it might be heading in the years to come. Most importantly, we have came to the realization that despite the influence of cultural change the Maasai are able to and will continue to adapt and preserve their unique and vibrant culture."