2011 Meeting Minutes

*Proposed mail-box replacement:
     -Gerard heading project;
     -Cedarcraft brand;
     -"Special Assessment Fee" to tack onto HOA fee for next year to pay for mail boxes;
     -Twila to crunch #'s to see what's affordable/do-able w/ our budget; 
     -Discount if mailboxes done by August;
     -Discount if homeowner removes own mailbox to be offered;
     -Sample of mailbox possibly at Block Party on July 9th;
*Google page linked w/ Facebook page for HOA documentation (i.e. rules/regulations/covenants.)
*Block party funds taken from Social Funds.
*If HOA fee not paid, a lean can be put on house.
     -3-4 vacant houses in Trinity Park 
     -3-4 rental houses in Trinity Park
*No budget for landscaping maintenance
     -Gerard to look into bids (suggested we do this ~every 3 years.)
*Call city of Dublin for any outdoor issues (w/ regards to neighbors)
     -grass length, trash issues, etc.
     -Can also go online w/ any requests/complaints.
*Having HOA managed by Trinity Park residence (vs. city of Dublin) keeps fee's low.
     -Gerard volunteering to take over Trinity Park HOA Presidency after this year.
*There is insurance on any elected Board member of HOA for Trinity Park.  Also, insurance covering Trinity Park brick wall and strip of land at entrance.

Here are a couple of additions to the discussions at the meeting:  It was noted by a member that there may be a state law requiring condo and home association boards to receive notice when property is put on the market for rent.  The members are not certain whether Trinity bylaws require such notification and whether the state law, if there is one, is applicable.  There was discussion that if there is no such requirement in the by laws that the bylaws should be amended to require this notice as it is in the neighborhood's interest to have this information to assist with required notification(s) to the legal owner.
It a was noted that about 10 homes in the neighborhood have not submitted the annual $50 home association fee. There was discussion regarding steps the board may need to undertake to obtain 100% compliance.  It was further noted that Trinity's fees are very low in comparison to other subdivisions in the community.
Also as clarification:  The discussion regarding obtaining bids regarding landscaping/grounds upkeep was in regard to defending any future complaint/allegation that the board was not being responsible regarding the expenditure of association funds.
Lastly:  There was discussion regarding the July 9th social event and that for the future any such gathering receives the approval of the board before proceeding and to obtain an approval on any funds that are expended for a neighborhood function.  This will assure that any funds or reimburesement are preapproved before  expenditure or invoicing to the association for reimbursement.