Helpful Links

Scrabble Tips

Mike Wolfberg's Tips for SCRABBLE® Beginners
Great tips on playing strategy and on basic etiquette from the Boston Club director.

Cheat Sheets
These are handy guides to memorizing some of the most helpful words in SCRABBLE®. Not intended to be used during games, but rather as a study aid. There are versions  of the cheat sheet for North American SCRABBLE tournament play, international play using the Collins (CSW) lexicon, and for school and recreational play.

Sam Timer
Sam Kantimathi makes all things Scrabble... great tiles, game timers, and a Scrabble board that folds up for easy travel.

Custom Scrabble Boards
Pete Manzolillo creates Scrabble Boards that are a true work of art...customized to your specifications!

Compact Boards
Travel friendly rotating boards that come in 16 different colors

Tournament Play

North American SCRABBLE® Players Association (NASPA) As of 2010-01-01, Hasbro will no longer be providing regular funding to SCRABBLE clubs and tournaments. As a result, the NSA will transfer responsiblity for clubs and tournaments to the newly formed NASPA. Beginning in July 2009, players who wish to play in competitive SCRABBLE® Tournaments must be a member of NASPA. 
This site, courtesy of Keith Smith and Seth Lipkin, serves two indispensable purposes; it list all upcoming tournaments, and also tracks lifetime tournament statistics for all active SCRABBLE® players.

Practice and Online Play

Zyzzyva  is a word study program written by SCRABBLE® player Mike Thelen. It is a free download and can be used for studying word lists, or for looking up a play you might have missed. Zyzzyva also has a word judging program that we use at tournaments.

Aerolith  is a web app written by César Del Solar. Its main goal is to provide a fun and fast-paced way to learn words quickly. It is particularly popular among tournament Scrabble players.

Quackle is a free software program written by Jason Katz-Brown and John O'Laughlin. Quackle play a game against you and it will probably beat you! Quackle is very smart! All hail Quackle!!!
This is the official site of for online SCRABBLE play. Free to join, yearly fee if you want ratings points.

WordBiz This is a program that will let you play against other players in real time over the internet.