Why are other players playing obscure words against me? What the heck is a QI anyway?

A. - SCRABBLE players love finding obscure words, because they generally love exploring our language. There are indeed many seldom-used words that find their way onto the SCRABBLE® board, because they contain high scoring letters like Z Q and X.

Q. - Don't you have to know the definition of a word if you play it?

A. - It is useful to know the meaning of words, so that you can know if a word can be pluralized or conjugated. There is no rule that states that a player must know the meaning or pronunciation of a word.

Q. - Are words from other languages allowed?

A.- Usually you can only play english-language words in SCRABBLE®. However if foreign words have no direct translation in english they can usually be played. For example, you can play the words PESO, DINAR, XU and RUPEE, because they all refer to a specific form of foreign currency. For a guide to what words can and cannot be played, players should refer to the Official SCRABBLE® Players Dictionary, published by Merriam Webster, or the Official Tournament and Club Word List (available to National Scrabble Association members only).

Q. - Chess clocks? What are those doing in a SCRABBLE® game?

A. - Many of our members play with a clock. Some use a chess clock and some use a digital model. The clock regulates play time and ensures that games have the same start and finish. The standard time allotment in club play is twenty-five minutes for each player. Newcomers to the club are not obligated to play with a clock, but we welcome you to give it a try. It is easier than it looks! Don't wait for your first tournament before using a clock!

Q. - How will I know if I am ready to play in a SCRABBLE® Tournament?

A. Don't think about it too much...just do it! As a novice player, you will be placed in a tournament division against other novice players. We recommend that you play in a local SCRABBLE® club a few times to get familiar with the rules, then sign up for a one-day tournament. The Triangle SCRABBLE® club usually hosts two short tournaments a year, as well as a longer, three-day tournament. There are other tournaments all over the US and Canada, you can find a list of these tournaments on cross-tables.com