Project Info


The Treeflights Kenya planting project is located in Bore near to Malindi in Kenya’s Coastal Province. Cashew trees are distributed to local farmers to plant on their own land. These are drought resistant, fast growing and produce a useful high-protein cash crop after as little as 4 years. The beauty of this scheme is that the farmers have a strong vested interest in ensuring that their trees survive and once the cashews start yielding their crop, the community begins to have an alternative income to that of cutting down their existing forest to make charcoal.

    Kenya along with most of sub-Saharan Africa has a very low per capita carbon footprint yet it is this area more than any other in the world that is bearing the brunt of the climatic changes that our carbon-intensive developed world has created. We in the industrialised countries have made a problem that is impacting disproportionately on countries and communities that are least able to do anything about it. Also, the latest research indicates that we get the greatest ‘cooling effect’ from trees and forests located by The Equator. So for these reasons it makes very good sense for those of us wishing to reduce our carbon footprints, to plant trees and protect forest in The Tropics.

    How does the tree planting work?

    Decide how many trees you want to plant and go to our order page here.

    Once your order is processed we distribute the trees from our nursery and tag them with a unique Treeflights Kenya reference number and make a record of the name of the farmer who has them. Then once the trees are planted we send a ‘confirmation of planting’ email to you (with the name of the farmer who has them) and the trees begin their patient absorption work of turning your CO2 into cashew nuts for Kenyan children!  We monitor all sponsored trees annually and guarantee to make good any losses.

    We are currently extending our forest reserve from 10 to 110 acres. If you would prefer to protect the carbon already absorbed by existing tropical forest go here.

Treeflights is a non-profit company registered at Companies House
Company Number 6462199