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BBC Mid-Wales 25th November 2009 - Lampeter's Kenyan Tropical Forest

Institute of Welsh Affairs, Agenda  14th November 2009 -  Airconditioning for the planet

Smaart Talent 13th July 2009 -  Lampeter/Bore Community Carbon Link      

Primate Handshake 11th July 2009  -  Bore Carbon Exchange 2009       

Wales Online 6th July 2009  -  Fighting Climate Change with Trees in Wales and Africa 

Charter Broker  1st June 2009  -  Charter brokers weigh up benefits of carbon offsetting   

Carmarthen Journal   7th January 2009  -  Offset Firm to Forge Links

Blog Eclectic    27th December 2008  -  Exploring carbon offsets and CO2 absorption               

Blog Eclectic    28th December 2009  -  Which trees are best at absorbing CO2?                    

Independent  4th June 2008  - Even the greenest households still emit co2 so what should we do about those?

Blog Eclectic Article  16th March 2008  - UK firm part of Amazon offset project

Carmarthen Journal (Front Page) 2nd January 2008 - Green Fight Taking Off

Positive Living Winter 2007 (Issue 42) - Welsh Firms Join Forces with the Ashaninka

Independent (Letters Page) 21st November 2007 - Timber cities of a sustainable future

Big Issue 11th November 2007 - Out on a Limb

Independent (Letters Page) 18th November 2007 - How forests absorb carbon 23rd July 2007 - Treeflights: Bundle offset into airline ticket price

Woodshop News  1st April  2007 - Out of the Woodwork. Think Green When Flying

The Telegraph Online 19th July 2007 - Carbon offsetting schemes not so green

Drift Magazine 19th June 2007 – Surf holiday operator partners with Treeflights

Blog Eclectic Interview 20th April 2007 - Tree firm helps cut CO2 emissions

New Consumer 17th April 2007 - Treeflights plan an offset scheme in the Amazon 12th April 2007 - Carbon Offsets, a key part of our transition to a low - carbon economy

Australian Broadcasting Corp Lateline News 14th March 2007 - British Govt. plays catch up to public on carbon (video)

Forest Machine Journal 7th March 2007 - click here to make it a Treeflight

Canadian Broadcasting Corp 2nd February 2007 - Carbon Counting Britons (video)

Toronto Star 27th January 2007 - Plant a tree then book a flight to NY

Private Eye Cartoon 16th February 2007 - We plant a tree every time we fly

Golwg 18th January 2007 - Cwmni Ceredigion yn plannu coed er mwyn yr amgylchedd

Time Magazine 9th January 2007 - Lost in the Forest

Just the Flight 3rd January 2007 - Eco Friendly Passengers Urged to Plant a Tree

Washington Post 31st December 2006 - A Little More Green, A Little Less Gas

Carmarthen Journal (Front Page) 1st November 2006 -Branching Out to Beat Fumes

Independent (Letters Page) 27th October 2006 - Tree-planting can help the climate

Voice of America News 25th September 2006 - Website Offers Plan to Plant Trees to Help Reduce Global Warming

Travel Trade Gazette 22nd September 2006 - Plant a Tree to Absorb Air Damage

BBC Online 4th July 2006 - "Plant Tree" Air Travellers Urged

Western Mail 26th June 2006 - Flying is really hard on the planet, planting a tree does really much the opposite

Cambrian News 29th June 2006 - Venture isn't a flight of fancy for green company

Treeflights First Press Release 21st June 2006 - Help Fight Climate Change Make it a Treeflight

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