Tractatus problematicus

Welcome. This site is about Heymericus de Campo, his Tractatus problematicus, and Albertism.

Heymericus de Campo

Heymericus de Campo (or Heymeric van de Velde, 1395-1460) was a Dutch philosopher and theologian who studied in Paris and taught at the universities of Cologne and Louvain.

Tractatus problematicus

In 1423, Heymericus wrote a treatise called Problemata inter Albertum Magnum et Sanctum Thomam or Tractatus problematicus. This work covers 18 major differences of opinion (problemata) between Albert the Great, or Albertism, and Thomas Aquinas, or Thomism. It is a valuable source of information on the school of thought known as Albertism.


Albertism, named after and inspired by Albert the Great (1280), was a school of thought that flourished in the fifteenth century. Heymericus de Campo and his Parisian teacher Johannes de Nova Domo are considered its main representatives.

Introduction to the Tractatus problematicus

The pdf document below (Dutch) gives an introduction to the Tractatus problematicus and its historical context.

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