All participants and parents are required to read and acknowledge the following Code of Conduct at Registration.

    1. There will be zero tolerance for unsportsmanlike conduct. This is directed to players, parents, spectators, and coaches alike. Adults are to set positive examples for children to follow. Any failure to abide will be dealt with by way of expulsion from venue. All players, coaches, and spectators will abide by any official’s decisions, their say is final.

    2. At no time shall anyone heckle, discriminate, approach or cause controversy with paid officials by Topsail Basketball Association.

    3. At no time shall anyone have or threaten to have physical contact with anyone associated with Topsail Basketball Association.

    4. At no time will any foul language be tolerated from anyone, for any reason.

    5. Any conduct judged to be detrimental to the well-being of, or threatening the moral of the league as a whole will be interpreted as unsportsmanlike conduct and dealt with accordingly.

    6. Topsail Basketball Association is an organization for the benefit of the community and its youth.


    1. An ejection from any game, due to technical fouls, is an automatic suspension from the next scheduled game. This includes players and coaches and could extend to spectators.

    2. Any person receiving three (3) technical fouls at any time during one season will be expelled for the remainder of the season without refund. If the situation is in the best interest of the league as decided by the TBA Board of Directors, the expulsion may be permanent.

    3. Any player ejected from two games due to conduct, will be removed from the roster for the remainder of the season without refund.


At any time a player, coach, spectator is in violation of the Code of Conduct to the point that the league as a whole or the moral of the league as a whole is at risk, a board decision will be made. Again, there is a zero tolerance rule in effect for any conduct viewed to be unsportsmanlike.