Welcome to Toot Suite Brass Publishing! Since 2014 we've been committed to bringing you brass quintets and other music for brass that will delight you and your audiences.

Wonder who buys these publications? Check out this map showing some of the places where Toot Suite Brass Publishing music been purchased, and one of the pieces that was sold there.

What about "world parts?" Here is a current listing of all our brass quintet arrangements that include world parts. We're based in the United States but we love brass quintets everywhere. We've added "world parts" to our distribution PDFs for our most popular pieces. For us, "regular" support means that the distribution PDF includes trumpet 1 in Bb, trumpet 2 in Bb, horn in F, trombone (bass clef) and tuba (bass clef), plus a score. Adding world parts means that the distribution PDF also includes horn in Eb, trombone in Bb treble clef (TC), tuba in Eb TC, and tuba in Bb TC. If you want to purchase a piece and require world parts, and the description in our catalog here or in the sheetmusicplus catalog does not specifically specify "includes world parts", please contact us at trumpetsnazz (at) gmail.com and we'll try to quickly accommodate your request.

What's new at Toot Suite Brass Publishing? In 2020 Gloria and Bill started playing in the Pandemica Driveway Band, a small ensemble with clarinet, French horn, tuba, drum set, and guitar. In fall 2021 Toot Suite Brass Publishing introduced the Pandemica Driveway Band collection of music, consisting of a handful of the over 450 arrangements that Bill wrote for the Pandemica Driveway Band, a small ensemble with clarinet, French horn, tuba, drum set, and guitar, that played in driveways, backyards, and parks during the COVID-19 pandemic. These arrangements are available at Sheet Music Plus.

In 2018 the Oskar Bohme Brass Sextet, opus 30, came to Bill's attention, thanks to imlsp.org, and he and Alex pulled together a mostly amateur brass sextet to read a transcription of the first movement for 3 trumpets, French horn, trombone, and tuba. Thus began a long process culminating in our publication in early 2022 of a version of this piece edited for playability by an amateur group. This arrangement is available at Sheet Music Plus .

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