D’accord is a generative music system for creating harmonically compatible accompaniments of symbolic and musical audio inputs with any number of voices, instrumentation and complexity. The main novelty of our approach centers on offering multiple ranked solutions between a database of pitch configurations and a given musical input based on tonal pitch relatedness and consonance indicators computed in a perceptually motivated Tonal Interval Space. Furthermore, we detail a method to estimate the key of symbolic and musical audio inputs based on attributes of the space, which underpins the generation of key-related pitch configurations. The system is controlled via an adaptive interface implemented for Ableton Live, MAX, and Pure Data, which facilitates music creation for users regardless of music expertise and simultaneously serves as a performance, entertainment, and learning tool. We perform a threefold evaluation of D’accord, which assesses the level of accuracy of our key-finding algorithm, the user enjoyment of generated harmonic accompaniments, and the usability and learnability of the system.


MIDI Musical Examples

The following three accompaniments were generated automatically by D'accord and were driven by a MIDI input melody. A chord is played at the onset of each beat. The output was synthesized in Apple's Logic Pro X and a drum track was added. A supplementary score transcription of the output is provided.

Audio Musical Examples

The accompaniments of the following two musical examples were generated automatically by D'accord and were driven by an audio input (a cappella vocal track retrieved from the Looperman website). The accompaniments consist of 3-note chords which were triggered manually and synthesized in Apple's Logic Pro X.

Interaction Modes