This is supplementary material to the submission of the paper "Conchord: An Application for Generating Musical Harmony by Navigating in a Perceptually Motivated Tonal Interval Space" to CMMR 2015.

Conchord is a system for real-time automatic generation of musical harmony through navigation in the Tonal Interval Space. It was implemented for both Max and Pure Data and allows expert and novice users to creatively explore musical harmony by assisting them in the automatic generation of ‘generic’ chord progressions characteristic of Western tonal music.

Musical examples

All chord sequences were generated by Conchord and further expanded via arpeggiation and orchestration in Ableton Live. Each example is supplemented with an annotated score with function category root-motion harmonic analysis. In the function category analysis T, SD, and D stand for Tonic, Subdoninant, and Dominant, respectively; and in the root-motion analysis A, D and SS stand for 'Ascending', 'Descending' and 'Super-strong' progressions, respectively—a terminology borrowed from Schoenberg. To facilitate reading, chords were rearranged to their root position.