Three CD works:

1. Bartok Sonata for two pianos and percussion

Dynamic Live Performances by four female musicians! Pollack Hall March 2005

Click ! HERE ! to hear sample tracks.

2. TNTrio plays Dvorak f-minor and Brahms B-Major piano trio

One of the most romantic music in the world! Live recordings during 2006/2007 season

Click ! HERE ! to hear sample tracks.

3. Voice of Nature (piano solo)

Click here for more information and to hear sample tracks from my CD "Voice of Nature" recorded in 2008 at Pollack Hall, McGill University.

HATO Piano Duo CD:

We recorded a collection of music from the northern countries last summer. I hope that you will keep this CD in your living room. Your house will be filled with sparkly, crispy, and yet dreamy sounds.

You could purchase the CD by sending an e-mail to:

Some Recording Projects

Click below to listen to Rachmaninoff Sonata No.2 (piano solo)

Recorded at the Red Path Hall at McGill University in 2009.

First Movement:

Second Movement:

Third Movement:

William Bolcom's 2 piano music with Martin Karlicek