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Animal Collective + Shostakovich piano trio 2

Piano Trio with Jung Tsai, violin, Rebecca Morton, cello played piano trios: Shostakovich No.2 and Murphy's Phoenix Give me Wings to fly. Also "Animal Collective" pieces such as Swan and Wolf.

Feb 2020
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"Be Free" repertoire was fun!

Haydn: Gypsy Trio, KMM: Phoenix Give me Wings to Fly, Arensky: Piano Trio No.1 d-minor

Frédéric Bednarz, violin, Rebecca Morton, cello,

Jan 2020

Widor, Brahms, Chopin Ballade No.1 (piano solo) and Carmen Fantasy

Pedro Molina and myself have been playing together for a long time. Revisited some repertoire, adding the Widor's music.

November 2019
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"1919" for viola-piano duo: Marcus Thompson, viola

Thank you very much for your hospitality of"Lakeshore Chamber Music Society" and Strings at St Georges in Montreal. 1919 was great year for the viola-piano music. Centennial celebration!

Clarke: Sonata, Hindemith: Sonata Op.11 No.4, and Bloch Suite

Oct 2019
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Piano Trios - Haydn: Gypsy trio, Bloch: Three Nocturnes, and Shostakovich No.2

We had a very good audience, with tears listening to the music. Amadeus Cafe - we loved the food!

August 2019
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Stravinsky: Rite of Spring & Debussy: Petite Suites

What a great combination of great repertoire. Ballet can be expressed so differently, and I realized that the live performance did make such a difference to really feel it. A demo version of "Rite of Spring" from the live concert: Part I, Part II

Apr 2019

Youth: Nostalsia and Anxiety

Piano Trio with Jung Tsai, violin, Marc Labranche, cello performed piano trios by Enescu, Bloch, Rachmaninoff, Beethoven, and Shostakovich to share the feelings of youth nostalsia and anxiety. Nov 2018

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Bountiful B's

Viola-Piano duo - Bach: g minor sonata, Benjamin: Jamaican Rumba, Bowen: Sonata c minor, Bloch: Suite Hebraique. We gave out all we had - bountiful - to play all the B-composers music! June 2018

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Toiles Sonore/ Painting with Sound

HATO Piano Duo Concert with Guy Giard (narrator) at maison de la culture venues. The repertoire: Mussorgsky's Pictures Exhibition and Debussy's La Mer