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About Tommy Von:

Music Career

Mr. Von is a BMI composer and songwriter. Part of the family that produces Getzen brass instruments, he started his performing and writing career as a founding member of the psychedelic rock band MYST. MYST was formed in 1989 in Fullerton CA. MYST released “Hit Or MYST” - a full length vinyl LP in 1991 which gained national college radio airplay and toured the western US in support of the album. He now plays live with RiNo-Tones.

"Vampire Woe" (2014 BMI Publishing)

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Audio Engineering Career

Mr. Von began his audio production experience in high school, before forming his first band. He realized that a modern musician would need to learn recording tools as well as an instrument to fully take advantage of innovations in the audio industry. On the weekends, he began renting analog four track gear and mics, cables, etc. from Music Power rentals (a local SD chain). After that, as part of the live sound crew at CSUF, Fullerton CA (1989-1991) he helped provide sound support for weekly concerts and pub shows on campus. He then moved to Chicago Ill. to occupy the Chief Studio Engineer position at King Studios on Chicago Ave. (1991-1992).


Pursuing his interest in audio production, he then attended and graduated from UCLA Recording Engineering school under the instruction of Michael Braunstein of the Record Plant Los Angeles, who worked with artists including Frank Zappa ("One Size Fits All" through "Joe's Garage" albums), Stephen Stills (Crosby, Stills & Nash), The Eagles, Quincy Jones, Barry Manilow, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Grand Funk Railroad, to name a few.


Courses at UCLA also included an internship under Missy Worth in Artist Development at Sony Music West Coast HQ. Over the years, Mr. Von has provided engineering and producer services to many groups and songwriters in the Hip Hop, Pop, Alternative Rock, Blues and Jazz Genres. Other sound related activity included sound engineer for Thursday night open mic at The Rainbow Room on Sunset Blvd., Friday night open mic at the Pig N Whistle on Sunset Blvd., Hollywood, and managing Action Audio, a Hollywood based TV/Film sound equipment rental facility. 

He moved to CO in 2008 to pursue involvement in the live music scene of Denver as both a performer and sound engineer / producer for local artists.

Tommy's Garage Show

Listener comment:

Jason Evans
7/18/2016 16:21:17 PM

"I've really enjoyed listening to the past episodes 
while I await Tommy's next installment. It's been 
like a whistle-stop tour of psychedelic rock, and 
while most of it wasn't a direct influence on me, 
that sort of music would certainly have influenced 
the people who influenced me in my electronic 
music-making, so it's rather like researching my 
family tree, musically speaking."

Why the Garage?

Quote from an album review of Hit or Myst from 1991

“The garage is where this band comes from, and I say that because they play a good and true type of “garage music.” The show off guitar work is there, the “we’re into Rush and Black Flag” statement was definitely said somewhere alone the line, and the need to hear (the album) a couple of times just to get it makes this a vinyl show of garage based Americana.”

3D Creation

For info about Tommy Von's background in 3D printing,

modeling and animation, check out the Three Dee page.

2019 Buddha Tone

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