(June 2006 edition)

1. WHAT ENTROPY MEANS TO ME. Garden City: Doubleday 1972. 1st book.


-also: Signet paperback.

2. RELATIVES. NY: Harper & Row, 1973. Novel.

-paperback: NY: Dell, 1976.


Paperback original. Novelization of a TV episode. (Award AN1373).

4. MIXED FEELINGS. NY: Harper & Row, 1974. Story collection. Introduction by Theodore Sturgeon. Contents: This Writing "Game"; Steve Weinraub and the Secret Empire; Two Sadnesses; Naked to the Invisible Eye; f (x)=(11/15/67) x=her, f(x)!=0; The Ghost Writer; All the Last Wars at Once; Things Go Better; Wednesday, November 15, 1967; World War Two, Lights Out.

5. THE PLANET OF THE APES #2: ESCAPE TO TOMORROW. NY: Award, 1975. Paperback original. Novelization of a TV episode. (Award AN1407).

6. THE PLANET OF THE APES #3: JOURNEY INTO TERROR. NY: Award, 1975. Paperback original. Novelization of a TV episode. (Award AN 1436).

7. NIGHTMARE BLUE, by George Alec Effinger and Gardner Dozois. NY: Berkley Medallion, 1975. Paperback original. Novel. (Berkley Medallion N2819).

8. THOSE GENTLE VOICES: A PROMETHEAN ROMANCE OF THE SPACEWAYS. NY: Warner Books, 1976. Paperback original. Novel. (Warner 86-113).

9. FELICIA. NY: Putnam, 1976. Novel, not sf.

- paperback: NY: Berkley, 1978.

10. THE PLANET OF THE APES #4: LORD OF THE APES. NY: Award, 1976. Paperback original. Novelization of TV episode. (Award AN1488).

11. IRRATIONAL NUMBERS. Garden City: Doubleday, 1976. Story correction. Introduction by Robert Silverberg. Contents: Lydectes: On the Nature of Sport; And Us, Too, I Guess; 25 Crunch Split Right on Two; Hard Times; At the Bran Foundry; Curtains; How It Felt; Biting Down Hard on Truth.

12. DEATH IN FLORENCE. Garden City: Doubleday, 1978. Novel.

-paperback retitled as UTOPIA 3. NY: Playboy Press, 1980.

13. DIRTY TRICKS. Garden City: Doubleday, 1978. Story collection. Contents: New New York New Orleans; Contentment, Satisfaction, Cheer, Well-Being, Gladness, Joy, Comfort, and Not Having to Get Up Early Any More; Strange Ragged Saintliness; The Awesome Menace of the Polarizer; Heartstop; Timmy Was Eight; Live, from Berchtesgaden; The Mothers' March on Ecstasy; B.K.A. the Master; Sand and Stones; Chase Our Blues Away.

14. HEROICS. Garden City: Doubleday, 1979. Novel.

15. THE WOLVES OF MEMORY. NY: Putnam, 1981. Novel.

-paperback: NY: Berkley, 1982.

16. IDLE PLEASURES. NY: Berkley, 1983. Paperback original. Story collection of Effinger's sports-related sf stories. Contents: Naked to the Invisible Eye; From Downtown at the Buzzer; The Exempt; 25 Crunch Split Right on Two; The Pinch-Hitters; Breakaway; The Horse with One Leg; Heartstop.

17. THE NICK OF TIME. Garden City: Doubleday, 1985. Novel.

18. THE BIRD OF TIME. Garden City: Doubleday, 1986. Novel. Sequel to THE NICK OF TIME.

19. WHEN GRAVITY FAILS. NY: Arbor House, 1987. Novel. 1st book in the Marid Audran series.

-paperback: NY: Bantam, 1988.

-limited edition: Norwalk, CT: Easton Press, [n.d.]. Intro by James Gunn, illus. by Mark Maxwell.

20. SHADOW MONEY. NY: Tor, 1988. Novel. Crime fiction, not sf.

21. A FIRE IN THE SUN. NY: Bantam Doubleday Dell, 1989.

22. THE OLD FUNNY STUFF. Eugene, OR: Pulphouse, 1989. Author's Choice Monthly #1, October 1989. Story collection. Frontispiece portrait of Effinger by George Barr. Three formats: 55 copies bound in leather, 325 in cloth, and "unlimited" (estimated 1,000 copies?) trade paperback. Contents: Introduction; The Thing From the Slush; White Hats; My First Game as an Immortal (poem); Mars Needs Beatniks; CHESS.BAT: A New Wave Story; The Aliens Who Knew, I Mean, Everything.

23. LOOK AWAY. Eugene: Axolotl Press/Pulphouse, 1990. Novella. Introduction by Greg Benford. Frontispiece by Donna Gordon. Limited Edition in various formats: 85 copies bound in leather, 300 in cloth, and 525 trade paperback.

24. THE RED TAPE WAR, by George Alec Effinger, Jack Chalker and Mike Resnick. NY: Tor, 1990. A round-robin sf novel.

25. THE ZORK CHRONICLES. NY: Avon, 1990. Paperback original. Tie-in novel to Infocom's ZORK series of computer games.

26. THE EXILE KISS. NY: Doubleday, 1991. Novel. 3rd and final novel in the Marid Audran Series.

-trade paperback: NY: Bantam Doubleday, 1991.

-paperback: NY: Bantam, 1992.

-limited edition: Norwalk: Easton Press, 1991. Illustrated by Bob Eggleton.

27. SCHROEDINGER'S KITTEN. Eugene: Pulphouse, 1992. Short story originally published in OMNI in 1988. Short Story Hardback #25. Two formats: 100 copies in hardcover, "unlimited" (but small) mass market-sized paperback edition.

28. MAUREEN BIRMBAUM, BARBARIAN SWORDSPERSON: THE COMPLETE STORIES. Austin, TX: Swan Press, 1993. Story collection. Trade paperback original. Illustrated by Peggy Ranson. Introduction by Mike Resnick.

-Book club: [n.p.]: GuildAmerica, 1993. Illus. by Ken Kelley.

29. BUDAYEEN NIGHTS. Urbana: Golden Gryphon, 2003. Collection of nine Budayeen stories. Contents: Foreward by Barbara Hambly; Schroedinger's Kitten; Marid Changes His Mind; Slow, Slow Burn; Marid and the Trail of Blood; King of the Cyber Rifles; Marid Throws a Party; The World as We Know It; The City on the Sand; The Plastic Pasha.

30. GEORGE ALEC EFFINGER LIVE! FROM PLANET EARTH. Urbana: Golden Gryphon 2005. Collection of 22 Effinger stories with introductions by various authors. Contents: Introduction by Michael Bishop; The Aliens Who Knew, I Mean, Everything; Afterword by George Zebrowski; By Howard Waldrop; Two Sadnesses; Introduction by Pamela Sargent; Target: Berlin!; Introduction by Barbara Hambly; One; Introduction by Lawrence Person; My Old Man; Introduction by Neal Barrett Jr.; Everything But Honor; Introduction by Bradley Denton; Solo in the Spotlight; Introduction by Jack Dann; At the Bran Foundry; Introduction by Richard Gilliam; Housebound; Introduction by Bradley Denton; Glimmer, Glimmer; Introduction by Mike Resnick; From Downtown at the Buzzer; Introduction to the O. Niemand stories by Gardner Dozois; The Wooing of Slowboat Sadie; The Man Outside; Afternoon Under Glass; Two Bits; The Artist Passes It By; Hands Together; Introduction by Neil Gaiman; Seven Nights in Slumberland; Introduction by Barbara Hambly; My First Game as an Immortal.