Golden Gryphon Press

George Alec Effinger's posthumous publisher, a well-regarded science fiction publisher with a literary bent.

Wikipedia entry

Entry about George Alec Effinger on Wikipedia, the free Internet encyclopedia.

Andrew Fox:"Remembering George Alec Effinger"

Essay by a New Orleans writer who was a "graduate" of the workshop that Effinger founded.

The Official Barbara Hambly Page

Official home page for George Alec Effinger's literary executor, a notable science fiction and mystery writer in her own right.

Effinger Ebooks at Ebookmall

Individual stories and a couple of books, available for purchase and for reading on a computer, handheld computer, etc.

Electonic Effinger books at Fictionwise

Stories and several books from another site that offers electronic books.

Harry SF and Fantasy Club

Cleveland, Ohio, Effinger's original home, was the site of the 1966 Worldcon, but I haven't been able to find much in the way of organized SF fandom there. However, the Harry SF and Fantasy Club is active in Canton, which is near Cleveland.