Welcome to the Town of Montgomery CAC Community Garden at Benedict Park

Want to grow your own food, your own flowers? You can! Take this fantastic opportunity to become a gardener in the new Town of Montgomery CAC Community Garden.

The new award winning Town of Montgomery Conservation Advisory Council (CAC) Community Garden is available for you in Benedict Park, a Town of Montgomery Park. Located on Rte 17K one mile west of the village of Montgomery NY, the garden occupies two acres of high ground within the one hundred acres of Benedict Farm Park. The community garden is divided into 66 single plots most 20 ft x 20ft and available to be gardened singly, double, triple or in quadruple combination.

Each gardener or team of gardeners will be required to donate $25.00 per plot and contribute at least 2 hours of community garden service. Running water, communal tools, a compost pile and fencing have been provided. Gardeners use their plots to grow both vegetables and flowers.

A common area in the garden, with a picnic table and fruit trees and berry bushes is available to the gardeners for pot-luck dinners, gardening demonstrations and relaxation

How to join the garden

If you would like to have a plot in the garden, you need to contact Richard Phelps, the CAC Project Manager at rlphelps@frontiernet.net to find out if a plot is available. If a plot is available and assigned to you then you will need to complete the Indemnification Agreement that is under the "DOCUMENTS" tab on this website and have the Agreement notarized and both pages given to the Town Clerk at the Town Hall.

Payment of $25 per plot is due at that time. A check or money order for $25.00 ($35 for one of the larger plots) should be sent to:

Claudine Sullivan

Garden Treasurer

8 Harvard Drive

Walden, NY 12586

Make the checks payable to TOMCOM Garden

Garden News

Work party for B&B tomorrow, Thurs rescheduled to Friday May 25 4:00 to 7:00 due to rain tomorrow afternoon. Bring gloves, hand pruners or small trowels. Please bring newspapers if you have them to underlay mulch. We will be weeding fence border across from B&B garden and remulching as much as we can get to in whatever time you have to spend. Weeds are easy to pull right now with all the rain. Lets get them out before they go to seed.

PLOT INSPECTION: The week of May 20th (please refer to rules and regulations for expectations. Feel free to ask other gardeners if unsure)


This month's garden meeting will be on Thursday April 11th at 6:30 pm on the second floor (community room) of the Village of Walden Municipal building at 1 Municipal Square, Walden, N.Y.


Our re-org Meeting was held at Richard Phelps house. Our officers for 2019. For more info click here.

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