(Updated 08/08/18) You receive instant family and friends when you join Tombstone-Pickerel Sno-Club!!!

If you are joining as a Family Membership, please include your spouses name.

Also, please note, the AWSC membership is for 1 year, so if you pay for a 3 year membership to TPSC, your AWSC issued card will show a 1 year membership. Your other 2 years will automatically be renewed to AWSC. You can always find your AWSC # on the Wisconsin Snowmobile News (WSN) magazine.

the cost is $10.00 per sled per year and a $1.50 per transaction convenience fee.

To order trail pass(es) online go to:

Your yellow AWSC card will not be mailed.

You can now go on AWSC website at

Go under “Quick Links”,

Click on “Membership Inquiry”, fill in your information

and the program will find your AWSC number and you can either view it or if you'd like, you can print it out.

Please keep in mind that processing time is around 2 weeks, maybe 3 as it gets closer to season.

The fine is $295.00 per sled for not displaying your current Trail Pass

You will need to purchase your WI Trail Pass from the AWSC,

We do not sell WI Trail Passes

Fork over your Membership Dues

Updated 08/08/19:

Membership to Tombstone Pickerel is just $25 per person or $35 per family per year. We are also offer a 3 year membership at the following rates: Single $60 or Family at $90. This also includes membership to AWSC and you will receive Wisconsin Snowmobile News (WSN) magazine.

Please note: NEW Members to the TPSC: will be mailed your AWSC Card and you will need that AWSC number to obtain your Yearly WI Trail Pass.

To become a Member please download and print out the Membership PDF form below, or simply send us your contact info: PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY your full name,

mailing address for magazine,

your e-mail adress for club newsletters & your phone number.

Then mail contact info along with appropriate dues to:

Tombstone Pickerel Sno-Club

P.O. Box 38

Pickerel, WI 54465

Thank you for joining TPSC

Membership Questions? Please contact

Sue Ostrowski, Membership Chair at:

or @ (715) 570-9683

Our meetings are held on the 2nd Monday of the month at the TPSC beginning at 6:30 PM

All members are welcome to attend.

10 More Reasons to Join a Snowmobile Club:

Often repeated but always true, this list is courtesy of John T. Prusak of SnowGoer Magazine.

    1. Snowmobile clubs gain land access to create our snowmobile trails.

    2. Snowmobile clubs build the trails we all ride on.

    3. Snowmobile clubs purchase the insurance, groomers and pay the groomer operators needed to maintain our trails.

    4. Snowmobile clubs, for our safety, maintain and install the trail signage on our trails.

    5. Snowmobile clubs are solely responsible for grooming our trails.

    6. Snowmobile clubs can offer financial benefits through sponsoring and promoting businesses.

    7. Snowmobile clubs promote safer riding and sponsor safety training for our children.

    8. Belonging to a snowmobile club gives you a great social outlet for our favorite hobby.

    9. Belonging to a snowmobile club gives you a direct voice about trail creation, maintenance and signage.

    10. Belonging to a snowmobile club is just the right thing to do if you ride and want to keep the sport of snowmobiling alive.

TPSC Membership 2.pdf