In 2008 we purchased a New Holland T6050 with a blade from REW Motors in Antigo to replace one of our Tucker Sno Cats, we put individual tracks on it. Then we purchased a new Arrowhead drag to replace one of our Trailmaster drags.
In 2009 we purchased a second New Holland T6050 from REW Motors in Antigo to replace our second Tucker Sno Cat and again we replaced the wheels with individual tracks. This pulls a Trail Master drag.
In 2010 we purchased our third New Holland T6050 to replace the John Deere tractor. We did not put tracks on this one but did purchase a new bucket for it. This also pulls a Trail Master drag.
We have what is nicknamed "Grim Reaper I" which is like a chain saw to cut high limbs as well as a "Grim Reaper II" which is like a rotary mower that also cuts high limbs. For the lower brush we have a Land Pride mower. We can put both the Grim Reaper II and the Land Pride on the same power unit.
We also have a club truck that is used to go pick up equipment, supplies and used out on the trail to install or replace signs.

Pictures from inside and outside the groomer taken March 19, 2013.